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Windows Live Mesh and Skydrive

A couple of components that are mostly overlooked by many users of Windows Live Essentials (Live Messenger) are the Mesh and Skydrive apps that come standard when when you install Windows Live Essentials: Other Programs. We all use the messenger component to chat with friends and co-workers, I’d like to discuss Mesh and the Skydrive.

Mesh allows you to sync all your documents, files, and photos across your different computers. Skydrive gives you 5gb of free online storage where you can access your files and make changes and have them sync’d across all your devices, including your smartphones and tablets.

All transfers are encrypted using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols.

Mesh also allows you to connect to your home computer from your work computer. You simply have to setup the access points from your machines.

You can also sync program settings such as Internet Favorites, this allows all settings to be the same on all computers utilizing Mesh.

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