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Bluetooth Monitor-Samsung SyncMaster

bva is always looking for good monitors because they are crucial for user satisfaction and create ease of use which is important.  We got wind of this cool 23-inch monitor from Samsung, this monitor also comes with a small USB dongle for your laptop that allows you to wirelessly connect to the Central Station. With the dongle and drivers installed on your system all you have to do is walk within five feet of the monitor and the base will recognize the laptop and a connection is made. Video quality via wireless USB is not that great and there is a noticeable lag, but it’s fine for everyday office tasks. As an added bonus you can connect to the internet wirelessly via the USB dongle as long as you have a wired connection to the base’s Ethernet port. Lastly, the base can be used as a four port USB hub to connect to a variety of peripherals.  On top of the base are a series of touch sensitive buttons used to navigate the on-screen display, adjust volume and brightness, and select an input. The Menu button that takes you into the Picture settings menu  is where you can access the Samsung Magic presets, including Magic Angle, Magic Bright, and Magic Color.

Here are some of the features:

  • normal HDMI and VGA inputs
  • docking station capabilities with multiple USB ports
  • wired Ethernet port
  • audio output
  • laptop can connect wirele ssly via a tiny USB dongle
  • good color
  • viewing angle performance
  • USB super charging ports
  • 1920-by-1080 resolution
  • non-reflective matte anti-glare coating

This monitor has a three year parts, labor, and backlight warranty, the Central Station comes with a driver/user guide CD, a PC to dock USB cable, and the wireless USB dongle. The monitor’s Eco Saving feature lets you reduce power consumption by 50 or 75 percent, but in doing so the screen image becomes almost too dim.  The Samsung Central Station (SyncMaster C23A750X) is a unique, yet pricey solution($499), but fits a need for many work environments.

2 thoughts on “Bluetooth Monitor-Samsung SyncMaster”

  1. The Samsung SyncMaster is a bit expensive and the 3D is disappointing, but its excellent performance in (non-3D) games and movies make it worth the asking price.

  2. Wow, great story. Now, lets see what the Bluetooth ability is. You clam Bluetooth Monitor but past the name it is never stated. Don’t you think you should exsplain the product you post. Just a thought.

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