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Finally-Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition

Malware is difficult and one of the most hateful things that bva has to deal with each month with the accounts that we support. bva has many good tools that help clean individual machines but nothing that manages an infrastructure or enterprise environment.  One of the most powerful and reliable tools is Malwarebytes and its is Free for a single workstation via cleaning.  But being able to scan an overall environment has been a struggle with any product that we try and test in beta.  Malwarebytes is nearing the completion date of their first beta version that we have had the opportunity to look at.  With more and more systems moving into the cloud, local systems are on the internet more often and as a result more susceptible for these types of issues.

This new Enterprise Edition will provide a central console that will allow corporate clients to manage Malwarebytes Anti-Malware agent across their network. It will have client remote installation, policy deployment, scheduling, and reporting.  We have been told that it will be release to the public by March of 2012 and will be priced very realistically.

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