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Windows 8 Reset and Refresh Features

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft is going to be implementing a reset and refresh feature that allows you essentially reset your PC back to factory defaults. It is going to be much like resetting a router back to factory defaults. I think this is a pretty neat feature as it will allow you to refresh you machine in a timely manner. This beats the Windows 7 solution which was to create a recovery disk upon first booting up the PC. In most cases people often ignored these messages.

There are going to be several options for this refresh and restore.


Quick: This mode just resets your computer to factory defaults and takes approximately 6 minutes.

Thorough: This mode rights random patterns to the sectors on your drives, which makes it much harder to recover personal data on that drive. Microsoft estimates that the process will take about 24 minutes without BitLocker encryption.

Refresh: This mode will actually back up your apps, personal data, and settings. It is claimed that this mode takes about 8 minutes to complete. The only bad part about this is that it only backs up and restores Metro-style apps that are approved in the Microsoft store. In turn, the good part about this is that it will actually create an HTML file and place it on the desktop that includes a list of the deleted applications.

Can’t wait to test…..


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