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Fake Antivirus removal tool

Trend Micro has released a tool designed to target & help remove fake antivirus threats.  You can download the tool here

Some of the threats it detects are:

Alpha Antivirus
Antivirus 2010
Antivirus Action
Antivirus Pro 2010
Antivirus Soft
Antivirus Software Alert
Antivirus Studio 2010 ?
Antivirus System Pro
AV Security Suite ?
Control Center
Cyber Security
Internet Security Suite ?
Microsoft Security Essentials
My Security Shield ?
Personal Antivirus (pav.exe)
Quick Defragmenter ?
Security Center
Security Tool ?
Smart Engine
System Defender ?
System Security
System Tool ?
Trust Warrior
Windows Security Alert ?
XP Antispyware
XP Antivirus

5 thoughts on “Fake Antivirus removal tool”

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