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HP’s Colorful New Touch-Screens

It’s pretty cool how HP has taken a great step in forward thinking.  Their goal in the PC world is moving people toward the touch screen.  Many other hardware manufactures have come up with many models but quite frankly they fell short.  HP has taken note from Apple and really trying to hop on the cool and treandy kick which I feel they will have some success.  I have tried a few of the models and they work very well and feel that they can fit in many market segments.  Health, legal, and education are huge markets here in Phoenix where these units will thrive.  HP is known for good enterprise and consumer products even though they have made some poor business moves their products are overall good.

HP’s new focus on product design, appearance, user experience and ease of use, as well as provide a user computer that is very powerful and quick.

These units are HD touch-screens with keyboard/mouse operation. A couple of interesting new differentiators are the following:

  • patented ergonomic feature that enables the desktop monitor to slide down to a 60-degree angle

  • HPLinkUp application that allows a user to operate the desktop of another computer within WiFi range

These HP units range from $750 to $1,000.  They will be available about the end of Q2 of this year.

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