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Windows XP Mode

With the push to migrate to Windows 7, and the added urge to upgrade to 64-bit computing, a number of legacy programs are being left in the dust. Most 32-bit Windows apps will run in 64-bit Windows and on Windows 7, but a few will not – and sometimes these are important!

Fortunately, there is an answer: Windows XP Mode. With the advent of Windows 7, a specific version of Microsoft’s Virtual PC was introduced, and if you are licensed for either Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate, you can freely download and install Windows XP Mode to your computer. This is a licensed version of Windows XP Professional, running in virtual mode, and sharing resources with your existing computer. It is useful for running those legacy apps, or programs depending on 32-bit drivers that have not, or in some cases, will not be upgraded themselves.

For more information, and to get the download, go here

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