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Are you new to VMware?

Server virtualization has been popular for many forward thinking IT consultant companies for the past number of years. However, in recent years small to mid-size companies are now taking advantage of the benefits that virtualization can offer. VMware has continued to lead the charge when it comes to virtualization software. If you are new to server virtualization and VMware you may have heard of the benefits of V-Motion and high availability in terms of host servers, but a less known feature of VMware is Storage VMotion.
During a recent disk storage upgrade to a network storage device, we were able to move our production virtual disks from one physical array to another on the same device without downtime or an extensive maintenance window. Storage VMotion is just another tool that has made systems administration a joy to work with. Check it out the next time you need to do maintenance on your VMware SAN/NAS storage device.
I will admit VMware is not for everyone; but server virtualization and server consolidation will continue to be the wave of the future when it comes to technical architecture.

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