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Removable Disk Drives vs. DVDs and USB Drives as Archive and Backup Media

Removable Disk Drives vs. DVDs and USB Drives as Archive and Backup MediaThe benefits of using high-capacity removable disk cartridges are clear when compared to alternative media such as tapes, DVDs, and USB drives.  Rugged, removable disk media such as the Dell PowerVault RD1000 cartridges are very durable, built to withstand a fall from nearly one meter.  They are also small and lightweight and can be easily stored off-site for better disaster recovery protection.

The drives themselves, when ordered with a Dell server, add only about $200 to the cost.  External drives, which can be connected to any server or workstation via USB, are only about $30 more.  The removable disk drive cartridges are typically available in 160GB, 320GB, 500GB and 640GB native capacities.  With data compression, a cartridge can often backup twice that amount of data, or more.

An archived collection of disk cartridges takes considerably less shelf space than a similar amount of DVDs or CDs — it would take 36 standard DVDs to hold the volume of a single 320GB removable disk cartridge.  This solution is also easily expandable – if you outgrow the 320GB cartridges, for example, just start using 500GB cartridges.  There’s no need to buy a new drive, and you can still read the files archived on the smaller cartridges.

Combined with the backup software best suited to your needs – such as Symantec Backup Exec, Acronis Backup and Recovery, or the backup software native to Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7, removable disk cartridges provide easy-to-use backup and disaster recovery capabilities to protect files, as well as all user data to help provide faster restores and reduced downtime.

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