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Microsoft Considering Purchasing Adobe

According to industry reports that I have read in a few places, Microsoft might be close to putting in an acquisition bid for Adobe which is crazy in my view. The reports say that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently met with Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen for what reporters are calling a “secret meeting.”  So far, neither Microsoft nor Adobe have discussed such a possibility but it would not be a surprise if Microsoft made such a play.  Their past acquisition history for reasoning falls into this category of company and segment. If anything is certain, it’s that Microsoft shouldn’t even entertain an Adobe acquisition, it makes no sense. Microsoft is clinging to the past as its competition continues to develop new and interesting technology that appeals to customers.  Here are some reason why this makes no sense:

  • Adobe Flash is not popular or prospective enough for the future
  • What market share are they really acquiring from a purchase of this nature?
  • Microsoft is focusing more on the cloud offerings and  getting spread thin with what they really do
  • Its a bad financial move, Adobe has not made good profits for the  last year
  • Microsoft is not focusing on desktop software anymore

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