Fix Cached Credentials over VPN

Ever had a remote user who uses a laptop outside of the company network and their cached credentials somehow do not work or have been lost from the cache? I recently faced this same issue and with a little advice from a colleague, I was able to successfully get the users credentials cached once again.

The way I was able to accomplish this was the fact that we had VPN setup, and since most companies have some sort of VPN for their users to access email and documents, we were able to use this to our advantage.

Essentially what I did was log onto the computer using the administrator cached credentials. Once in there I made sure the VPN connection was setup to point to my server at the main office, and I went ahead and logged in. Once in, I used a random application on the desktop (I think I used firefox), I right-clicked, and selected the run as option. When the dialogue came up, I used the end users credentials rather than my own. What this does is it will try to validate the user credentials with the domain controller because we are connected through the VPN.

Once this is done and the application opens, you can disconnect from the VPN, log off of the administrator account, and try logging on with the end user.

I was successful in my attempt and I hope you are too!

18 thoughts on “Fix Cached Credentials over VPN”

  1. It is a good advanced technology. It is important to set watch on employee that what they do with company’s laptop after the office time. Because of network administrator have all the rights. 


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  3. Until today (June 2021) your tip saved my life as an Workstation admin. I have to disjoin an re-join a laptop in the domain through VPN. The user worked at home. It works (Think about to put the DNS server IP in the Network card) until The user attempt to log on with his domain account. Since all the account was flagged “unknow user” in the advanced setting. Cached mode couldn’t worked. using you tip worked like a charm. Arigatou Ninja !

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