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XML Tags Showing up in Outlook Signature

Has anyone ever come across the issue with Microsoft outlook and the pink XML tags showing in their signature? I recently came across this and really could not find an easy way to turn them off. I don’t know if it was a shortcut key that prompted these tags to come up but it was somewhat a nuisance.

So what did I do? I tried looking through the settings, checking, and unchecking certain settings to see if it would make a difference, but nothing seemed to fix it. I even tried multiple key combinations in my own outlook to recreate the issue. No luck! Furthermore, I kept trying until I thought, why don’t I just recreate the signature?

So that is what I did. I deleted the old signatures, created brand new ones, and then there were no more  pink xml tags in my signature! I just wish there was some kind of switch or button to turn these off, as I see many people searching for this issue on the internet with no solutions.

I guess it is like I said before, just recreate the signature!

One thought on “XML Tags Showing up in Outlook Signature”

  1. In outlook 2007

    Look under tools/customize/toolbars/XML Structures.  Turn on the toolbar, then uncheck the box.

    In Outlook 200

    In Outlook 2003, under Tools / Customize, choose the middle tab
    in the left menu Categories, choose “view”, then in the right menu
    Commands, scroll down and find the button “Toggle XML Tab View”, then
    drag this button out of the menu and drop up in your Outlook toolbar,
    then click it. Voila! The pink xml tags vanish.


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