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Configuring the Droid X to work with Microsoft Exchange Online

By this time, many people have had the opportunity to get their hands on the new  Droid X by Motorola, and explore the vast amount of features on this incredibly powerful device. From social networking to games, applications, and mobile content this device is a definate must have.

I recently had the task assigned to me to figure out how exactly to configure the Droid X to be used with the Microsoft online hosted exchange, and to my surprise, it was just as easy as configuring it to work with an in-house exchange server but with a very slight variation.

1. From the home screen we need to open the applications tray. (Red circle with the “up” arrow in it)

2. In the applications tray, select My Accounts.

3. When the account page pulls up, you need to select Add Account at the bottom of the Screen.

4. You will be prompted with multiple types of accounts to choose from. We need to select Corporate Sync. NOTE: Icons on your screen may differ from the screenshot below.

5. Upon selecting Corporate Sync, you will be prompted to enter your domain, login credentials, and your exchange server address. Normally you would just put it in how you see it, but hosted exchange is different.

a. For domainusername, you enter your hosted exchange username (

b. Password is the password you use for the single sign on tool or Outlook Web Access.

c. For email address, enter your address (

d. For server, you need to enter the Microsoft online Outlook Web Access address, which is different depending on what country you are in, but   for the U.S. you would use

DONE! If you select next and all of your settings are correct, you should recieve a screen saying you have successfully configured you account to work with ActiveSync.

Also, there are additional settings you can change after it is setup. To do this, just go back into My Accounts and select the Corporate Sync account you just set up and you will be prompted with the screen below where you can choose to sync either Calendar, contacts, email, or all three.

In most cases, you will leave Use secure connection and verify certificate checked.

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  1. I passed this one to one of my users and added it (along with a link to your webpage) in our internal knowledgebase. Thanks!

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