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How Multiple Monitors Can Enhance Productivity – Is Having Multiple Monitors Worth It – Benefits of a Multiple Monitor Setup | BVA IT Consulting Blog

Going Green?  Want to save trees and enhance productivity at the same time?  Then adding multiple monitors to your workstation is the way to go.

Computers, and in particular the ability to print multiple documents at the click of a mouse button, is one of the worst things to happen to trees.  Printing documents is easy, too easy maybe, and in many cases now unnecessary for workers to accomplish their jobs.  With the introduction of cost effective flat screen monitors the need for printed documents has been reduced dramatically.

Printed material has historically been needed for office productivity because users require access to multiple sources of information simultaneously.   For instance, a worker might use email, a spreadsheet, a specialized application, and a website to do their job.  With only a single monitor, displaying all of this information at once is awkward and can be counter productive.  That being the case, workers have historically printed some of the information needed.  In this scenario they might print the spreadsheet and information aquired from the specialized application, and then use their computer monitor to view/access email and the website.  With multiple monitors the need for paper is reduced or completely eliminated.  And productivity is actually increased because all information sources are readily visible and current.

Not all work involving computers will see a productivity increase with added displays; however, for those tasks that require access to multiple information sources as in the case illustrated below, multiple monitors are extremely beneficial and productive.


Serious Production Enhancement for Developers!

Workspaces equipped with three displays increase productivity by 35.5%, according to research commissioned by Fujitsu Siemens Computers. For a full report on this study refer to the following link:  http://www.computerweekly.com/Articles/2009/02/18/234899/Multiple-monitors-boost-productivity-by-35.5.htm

Add a monitor, increase productivity and save a tree….


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