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Backup Solution To Replace Tapes – What Is The Best Option for Data Backup – Backup and Business Continuance Solution for Small to Medium Sized Businesses | BVA IT Consulting Blog

Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery

BVA’s ability to offer a complete custom service solution for its clients is what sets us apart.  We recognize  that every business is unique and can benefit from a tailored advanced IT solution.
This offering provides a tailored, State-of-the-Art, “Backup and Business Continuance Solution” for Small to Medium sized businesses, and provides services that were previously only available to large corporations.
The functionality of BVA’s Total Business Continuance Solution provides faster data restoration than tape, offers “Virtualized” fileservers to provide full functionality in the event of a production fileserver failure, enables individual mailbox and message restoration, provides “bare-metal” restoration for new or replacement fileservers, and protects business continuance with full off-site data storage.   This solution completely eliminates the need for tape(s) as a backup media.
Fully automated and securely monitored for quality assurance, this offering meets all the Backup and Business Continuance needs of businesses today.

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