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PCI Compliance Software Examples – Expert Analysis of PCI Compliance Software | BVA IT Consulting Blog

I have had a few clients in the past few months look at software to manage their credit card transactions so that they could follow PCI Compliancy.  It has never been more important to have a cost effective advanced IT solutions in place to watch over the biggest threats to corporate data security and compliance. One solution that surfaced from a client here in the valley was from Quest Software called In Trust.

InTrust securely collects, stores, reports and alerts on event data from Windows, Unix & Linux systems, helping you comply with external regulations, internal policies, and security best practices.  InTrust helps organizations achieve regulatory compliance by auditing access to critical systems and detecting inappropriate or suspicious access-related events. With this specialty tool, you can collect, analyze, report, and generate automated real-time alerts for all relevant access-related events across your heterogeneous network.

Using this single solution to monitor access to critical systems on multiple platforms reduces the complexity of event log management, saves expensive storage administration costs, improves information assurance, mitigates risk, and helps to reduce cost and improve efficiency of security, operational and compliance reporting.  Another solution that was offered by another client was a software product from GFI called EventsManager or LANguard.  They have free trials for all of this products mentioned which is huge for tailored solutions.

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