Windows 8 and Kinect Make Smart Shopping Cart

If you watch this short video that I posted you will soon realize that the possibiliteis are endless as far as technology goes. they are simply using a Kinect for Xbox which is like $200 and a tablet PC running Windows 8. Essentially what they ahve done is pretty neat. They incorperate your shopping list into the computer and it is attached to a scanner at the bottom of the shopping cart. You walk around, with the use of Kinect, the cart follows. When you put an item in your shopping cart and run it across the scanner at the bottom, it checks it off of your shopping list.

Note that in the video it also makes mention of his preferences of Gluten Free noodles. I think this is primative but it’s radical as well. I don’t see this in your shopping centers anytime soon as the cost benefit is just not there but we can all imagine can’t we?