Top Questions to Ask IT Service Providers

  1. How would you respond to an emergency situation we might encounter?
    BVA’s 24/7/365 emergency response system enables us to respond to our client urgent needs within 30 minutes.
  2. Do you have a defined process for assessing and implementing projects?
    Inside every project, BVA builds knowledge transfer into the process. This allows either internal IT staff and/or employees to be up to date with the implementation of our services on their computer system.
  3. How do you propose to protect my network from viruses, trojans, adware, and spam?
    BVA has a proven methodology for proactively protecting our clients from the ever expanding virus and spam sources on the Internet. This methodology includes: continuous network inspections, patch deployments, and other preventative security measures.
  4. What skill sets will the person have that will be working on our computer system?
    All BVA resources have obtained industry standard certifications and remain current in their area of specialization. Our staff has a combined experience of over 100 years in the technology industry. In addition to our breadth of technical knowledge, all BVA employees have exceptional customer service skills.
  5. How will I know what services have been provided?
    BVA provides detailed invoices and written reports each month that include all of the tasks and services provided during the month. This allows our clients to understand the depth of services that we continually provide.
  6. Who do I contact when I have a question?
    Each small business agreement (SBA) has a primary and secondary contact that will be designated to your business. These contacts are readily available for any questions that may arise at any time.
  7. How do I know your firm is going to do the work correctly?
    BVA insures high quality of the work we do by retaining the best and brightest talent in the technology industry and following a methodology that has been developed over the last 11 years to provide successful client engagements.
  8. How much is it going to cost?
    The initial site assessment is free of charge. Outside of the site assessment BVA provides detailed proposals to our clients that define what work will be done and the approximate costs associated with that work. BVA works very closely with our clients to insure all work is done on time and within the proposed budget.
  9. Why should I do business with your organization?
    BVA has been providing high quality service and successful implementations for the past 11 years in the valley.
    BVA has been identified by Microsoft as a “go to” partner in the Southwest.
  10. How will you determine what needs to be done on our system initially?
    BVA completes a thorough site assessment before submitting a proposal to our prospective clients. The prospective client and a consultant will thoroughly review this assessment to provide a complete understanding of the services that will be beneficial to the prospective business.