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Windows reportedly going to merge Windows and Windows phone 8 into Windows Blue

Contrary to recent releases, it appears that new rumors are coming out from Microsoft that the upcoming release of windows 8.1 or windows 8 Blue is much more than just an update/service pack. It appears that Microsoft is intending to merge both the pc and mobile platforms under one product called Windows Blue. What does this mean and how will it play together, well that’s all speculation at this point. With recent announcements from Microsoft that allow the support of lower resolution screens kind of play into this rumor.

It is already knowledge that windows phone 8 and windows 8 already share quite a bit of similar code in the start menu and much of the back end networking code, as well as application compatibility.

To tell you the truth, I’m rather curious as to how they will do this as I’m a big proponent of having the phone and OS separate. The metro interface should be the phone and they should go back to the original style in my personal opinion.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Blue

Windows 8 blue is the code name for the upcoming milestone build of windows 8, also known as 8.1. Slated to go RTM around August 2013, 8 Blue has the potential to bring back a few familiar items. What exactly? Well the inter-webs have been bustling with rumors of Microsoft bringing back both the start button as well as allowing users to boot right to the desktop rather than the metro style apps. In my eyes this would be great for business users as many of them are going to stick with the tried and true computer at a desk and really have no need for touch screen or the fancy new tile layout.

Personally I do not mind no start menu as I typically pin all of my programs to the task bar and operate from there, but there are quite a few people of whom could easily get confused. I would compare it to having no steering wheel in your next car, and you have to figure out how to drive it.

What do you think?