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The Rumors are True, Ubuntu Coming to Windows 10


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“The Bash shell is coming to Windows. Yes, the real Bash is coming to Windows” said Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo at the Build 2016 keynote.

The partnering of Canonical and Microsoft have made way for Ubuntu users to run Ubuntu simultaneously with Windows, not as a virtual machine, but as an integrated part of Windows 10. Speculation leads us to believe that Ubuntu will run on top of Windows 10’s Linux subsystems in a new Windows 10 Redstone build. Rather than integrate Linux into Windows, Ubuntu will run on the foundation of native Windows libraries.

With this new addition, Ubuntu users will be able to run Ubuntu simultaneously with Windows.”This is not a VM. This is not cross-compiled tools. This is native,” Gallo said. “We’ve partnered with Canonical to offer this great experience, which you’ll be able to download right from the Windows Store.”  

Although Ubuntu has not taken the container approach, Canonical and Microsoft have joined forces to bring containers to Windows. Using LXD, an open-source hypervisor designed for use with containers rather than virtual machines. You can look for the finished product in Azure, but most likely not Windows 10. In addition to this, the focus will not be on the Ubuntu Unity Interface but instead with CLI tools such as Bash and make, gawk, and grep.

The collaboration of companies stems from the shared user demographic. Both Ubuntu and Windows 10 main audience of users are developers. It is suspected that as the two companies continue to work together, more tools will appear that benefit the needs of programmers. For instance, as ZD.net anticipates, Ubuntu and Azure cloud effortlessly working together.




If you would like to educate yourself in more detail about the information presented in this blog post please visit: Microsoft and Canonical partner to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10



Using Synergy to control multiple computers with one keyboard and Mouse.

I recently found this neat little piece of software called Synergy that allows you to control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse. I was a little skeptical at first, but I am really glad I decided to test it out because I was more than pleased.

Synergy is free and open source software (FOSS) that basically requires only a LAN connection. The program itself basically uses a NetBIOS like name to determine which computers to connect to and you can set that name within the program itself. Also, it uses a client server architecture, where one computer acts as the server and the others act as the clients. Once it is all setup, you can move your mouse seamlessly from one PC to another, even using multiple monitors on each PC.  As you would imagine though, you can’t drag windows across multiple machines as you would have hardware and software issues, but it does have a shared clipboard (though mainly for text). This even lets you share the mouse between different operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS).


Setup is pretty simple. You install the application on the workstations you want to use, which takes a matter of seconds and you’re ready to configure.

The GUI is fairly simple as you see below. I’m using this particular computer as the so called “server”, as you can see I have selected the share this computer’s keyboard and mouse (server) option.  On the other computer you would select the first option and type the other computers host name which can be configured under the advanced tab.

You will then have to click the configure button to tell the program where each computer is located. For example, you have to tell it computer1 is to the left of computer2 so it knows which screen to switch to when you hit the edge of the screen. In this particular case I have also reversed that to say computer2 is to the right of computer1.

All you need to do then is start the Synergy that is configured as the server, and then start the client second. If you have configured your settings correctly, then everything should work. Enjoy!