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Nexus 4 and Google Now

Last night during The Grammy’s there was one commercial that caught our eye’s here at BVA and that was the Nexus 4/Google Now advertisement. The commercial showcased users’ from around the world using the phone for various things like translating lanuages, video-chatting, and giving directions for subway travelers.

In my home we are big on Apple products and when Siri came out I was pretty amazed by the things it could do. I am happy to see Google coming out with something that is comparable to Siri because I think that type of system puts a whole new meaning to a “Smart Phone”. Hopefully one day I can see what Google Now has to offer and compare the two side by side. Until you see that blog go up feel free to watch the commercial and give me your take on it. Watch the Google Now/Nexus 4 Commercial here.




Jolla Sailfish, will it grab smartphone user’s attention?

Bva likes to keep our pulse on what is new and coming out and recently we got visibility into Jolla. Every company begins with a vision and Jolla is no different. This China company is taking their turn at giving customers another option with its own operating software, Sailfish. With Google and Apple as Jolla’s main competitors could it stand a chance at persuading those loyal customers to give them a shot? Microsoft has tried for a couple of years now but still does not compete with the two smartphone giants. Could Jolla’s Sailfish be different enough to grab the attention of phone enthusiasts or will it sink into the shadows like the other companies who have tried to compete? http://mashable.com/2012/12/02/here-comes-the-first-real-alternative-to-iphone-and-android/

VMware, LG Implement Virtualization on Android Based Phone

As smart phones are becoming the standard these days, it becomes challenging for businesses to keep track of and handle all of the personal devices that are compatible with the corporate environment. Well that quite soon could become something of the past as VMware and LG have teamed up to bring you virtualization on the smart phone.

At the Mobile World Congress in Spain, VMware and LG showed off a technology that essentially allows you to run multiple instances of the Android OS on a single phone. You immediately think of virtualization and say there is nothing new here, but I would say you are wrong. Basically what this technology presents to businesses both small and large is the ability to easily manage and control access to their corporate systems. You can run your own personal apps, check email, and make calls on your personal profile while almost instantly switching to your corporate profile. This would allow you to then access work contacts, run business applications, and connect safely to your corporate network. The best part of this is that the virtualized instance runs directly from an SD card. Check out the video below.

Personally I think this is great news for IT firms and businesses that have tried dealing with the ever so difficult task of monitoring and managing smart devices and their access to the network. It allows them to simply load the necessary applications and email accounts onto the virtual machine that resides on the SD card and put it in a user’s phone instantly allowing them secure access to the network.

Then in case of termination, losing employees, and lost devices, the IT staff can remotely lock or wipe your profile. This all can happen without affecting any of your personal data. If you leave the company, all they have to do is remove your smartcard and they are done.

This sounds like a very cost effective and easily controllable solution for a lot of businesses that are worried about mobile security. I really would love to try this hands on if the opportunity ever presented itself and I am really eager to see where they go with this.

Check out the video here!


BVA Recommends Blackberry Server Enterprise Express Edition!

Recently, BVA began recommending the Blackberry Server Enterprise Express edition to many of our small to medium sized clients due to the fact that it is now FREE. This seems to be a move by RIM due to the fact that there are so many Active-Sync phones (iPhone, Droid, HTC-EVO, etc…) that are flooding the market and can accomplish the same tasks as a blackberry (sync contacts, calendar, and email) with no expensive server.  It is extremely cost effective and very functional, and allows all of your mobile devices to be managed from a central location.

What is the price?

It’s free! Yep that is correct it now costs you nothing! You simply download the application and install it in your existing exchange environment (We recommend you have a professional do the install).

What do I need?

You need to have existing infrastructure with a Microsoft Exchange server or Small Business Server. It will support up to 75 users when installed on top of the Exchange server. If you require more users, it is recommended that you install it on a separate server.

What features does it have?

Although it is now free, there are still many features available. Blackberry Server Enterprise Express edition has an easy to use web based management console that can be accessed from any PC, making it very easy for consulting companies and administrators to create and manage users.

It also offers multiple IT policies to help govern your workforce. You can also push out applications, create groups, and even push device software updates seamlessly to the users.


If you feel that your organization could benefit from this great FREE piece of software, let BVA help. We have installed the Blackberry Server Enterprise Express edition in a wide variety of environments and configurations. From a single small business server to companies with many servers, we can help you accomplish the task.

For more information on Blackberry Enterprise Express Edition, please see the video below.