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Kaspersky-AV (anti-virus) Product of the Year

Throughout the year AV-Comparatives.org tests security products in a variety of ways. Each product that passes a test receives at least a standard rating. Those that perform better than most but still have areas needing work get an advanced rating, and the very best receive the rating advanced+. At the end of the year, the company reports on all tests and names a product of the year. This year Kaspersky took that honor.

How They Test
In the on-demand test researchers scan hundreds of thousands of malware samples and note what percentage each product eliminates. The retrospective test is similar, but by forcing each product to use old virus definitions it emulates proactive detection of zero-day threats. The whole product dynamic test challenges each product to resist infection by hundreds of active threats over a period of weeks. The performance test measures how much impact each product has on system performance.

AV-Comparatives runs those four tests twice each year. This year saw the introduction of a new removal test. Researchers gathered a collection of threats that had been detected by every tested product for at least six months and then challenged each product to fully remove those threats. After all the testing, Kaspersky came out on top!

How to Clean Temporary Files for Profiles on Terminal Server

A terminal server was becoming low on disk space. I ran treesize and found that a number of the profiles had alot of temporary files as the culprit, however, how does one clean them all at once without logging on to each one. I found this tool ICsweep. This is a DOS based application which is very simple to use. Just extract to a drive open a DOS prompt and browse to the directory. Then run the icsweep.exe and it will run through all the profiles and clean up the temp files. On this server it freed up over 2.5 Gb of data. Very handy and quick tool to remove unwanted temp files.