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Slow computer? Check for bloatware

Have you ever wondered why that brand new computer you just bought doesn’t run as fast as advertised?¬† The answer may be bloatware, all that pre-loaded software that the manufacturer so helpfully provides to you.

Often bloatware is just an annoyance, adding to the number of update pop-up prompts a user has to deal with.¬† But it can cause serious performance issues.¬† As an example, HP’s Wireless Assistant software has been known to cause spikes in CPU utilization.¬† Wireless¬†Assistant is an applet that controls the enablement of individual wireless devices.¬† It may be a handy application at times, but it is not necessary, as¬†the same functionality is¬†built into the¬†network control panel. ¬†See the link for more details:¬† http://superuser.com/questions/240794/why-does-wmi-provider-host-wmiprvse-exe-keep-spiking-my-cpu An updated version can¬†take care of¬†this particular problem, but this is one of the few pre-loaded applications that doesn’t prompt regularly to check for updates, and so may go unresolved.

There are utilities out there designed to remove bloatware, such as PC Decrapifier .  But with the way these pre-loaded applications can often integrate into the OS, a clean installation is probably the best solution, something which the average consumer may not have the time or the resources to accomplish.

The next time you purchase a new computer, make a point of requesting that the OS be a clean install without all the pre-loaded “goodies”.¬† The seller may not be able to comply at first, but with enough requests, maybe the manufacturers will start to take notice, and give users the ability to “opt out”.