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Petition to end Verizon Contracts

If you guys have not seen it yet, you may want to get in gear and sign it. What exactly, well the petition for Verizon wireless to end its contracts. There are currently about 130,000 signatures and about 17,000 short of its 150,000 goal. You can find and sign this petition on change.org.

Verizon has long stated that they would not change or get rid of contracts but when other service providers are doing away with their contracts (T-mobile), it might be hard for big red not to follow.

SolarWinds Virtual Manager 4.0

Are you thinking of running your VMware virtual infrastructure on Amazon’s EC2 public cloud service? You might want to look at SolarWinds’ Virtualization Manager 4.0. An integrated virtualization manager, it tracks compute, network, and storage resources used to let you predict capacity limits and help you with your planning. It can even estimate what it will cost you to run in EC2, Amazon’s Pay-As-You-Go cloud capacity.

Virtualization Manager is a low-cost, easy-to-use comprehensive package that boasts Capacity Management, VM Sprawl Control, Performance Monitoring, Configuration Management, and Chargeback Automation in its listing of features.

Note that this product only works for the VMware environment — Hyper –V (Microsoft) or open-source hypervisor platforms are not supported.

Solar Winds VM began shipping in early June. It is available as a virtual appliance. Cost is $2,995 for fifty powered-on VMs under management. Downloadable as a free trial from http://www.solarwinds.com/products/virtualization-manager/.