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Is Android Better than the iPhone!

Ever wonder why many people are adopting the Android OS and quite frankly why it’s better than the iPhone? Well that is something I’m going to be touching on here today. Being a Droid X android user, I absolutely love the capabilities of android and what it can do. So hold on tight here we go.

First off, the android OS is open source, which pretty much means to each his own.  You can develop whatever application you would like, or download any app that you would like, without your big brother (Apple) telling you what you can and can’t do on your device. The android marketplace is full of all kinds of apps all created without anyone telling them they can or can’t. You can go to many different websites and download apps, but the marketplace for the most part, is one of the better places to go. Some of the apps from third party sites can be shaky and unstable at times, but you can still install and use if you would like to.

Second, android offers a complete multitasking experience. Now with the iPhone they claim to have “multitasking,” but it’s not true multitasking like the android devices support. You can be listening to Pandora, while downloading an app, and checking your email all at once. It is a very nice feature.

Next, the android OS supports flash, allowing end users to have a full web browsing experience. You don’t’ have to download individual site apps like you do on the iPhone. Since Froyo (android 2.2) I have been nothing but pleased with the flash browsing experience it provides the end user. It also runs fast and smooth.

Another reason I enjoy the android devices better than the iPhone is that you have choices. There are close to 80 android devices on the market compared to the 2 that Apple has. You can buy phones with the features you want or don’t want. You’re not stuck buying the only device available on the market. With the ever increasing trend to be individual and have your own style, this definitely helps you achieve that goal with your electronic devices.

Lastly, and probably one of the better reasons that android is better than the iPhone, is the fact that there are multiple carriers that carry the devices. If you do not like the network you are on, you can change to another and you will still be able to get an android device. This one is a definite must for me as I think this is a great OS and being able to have all these choices is a big selling point.

There you have it, these are my reasons why android is better than the iPhone. Hopefully this has been educational for you, please check back soon!

Using Synergy to control multiple computers with one keyboard and Mouse.

I recently found this neat little piece of software called Synergy that allows you to control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse. I was a little skeptical at first, but I am really glad I decided to test it out because I was more than pleased.

Synergy is free and open source software (FOSS) that basically requires only a LAN connection. The program itself basically uses a NetBIOS like name to determine which computers to connect to and you can set that name within the program itself. Also, it uses a client server architecture, where one computer acts as the server and the others act as the clients. Once it is all setup, you can move your mouse seamlessly from one PC to another, even using multiple monitors on each PC.  As you would imagine though, you can’t drag windows across multiple machines as you would have hardware and software issues, but it does have a shared clipboard (though mainly for text). This even lets you share the mouse between different operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS).


Setup is pretty simple. You install the application on the workstations you want to use, which takes a matter of seconds and you’re ready to configure.

The GUI is fairly simple as you see below. I’m using this particular computer as the so called “server”, as you can see I have selected the share this computer’s keyboard and mouse (server) option.  On the other computer you would select the first option and type the other computers host name which can be configured under the advanced tab.

You will then have to click the configure button to tell the program where each computer is located. For example, you have to tell it computer1 is to the left of computer2 so it knows which screen to switch to when you hit the edge of the screen. In this particular case I have also reversed that to say computer2 is to the right of computer1.

All you need to do then is start the Synergy that is configured as the server, and then start the client second. If you have configured your settings correctly, then everything should work. Enjoy!