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Lucky Notes

For those of you how who like the Notes app that comes with Apple devices, there is a windows app called Lucky Notes that looks the same for windows. I like being able to store notes on my computer and have used a variety of applications. My favorite so far has been SimpleNote and Apples Note applications. Lucky Note is similar but is simply for the Windows 8 OS, it doesn’t have as much versatility but its simple and does the job. You can export your notes to file, email, skydrive, and to a printer. The app is $2.99.

Awesome Note – Stay Organized

Organization is a necessity when it comes to keeping track of your day to day activities, as well as notes, information, or whatever items that keep you on track in your busy day. I use an app on my iphone called Awesome Note. It keeps all my important information in one easy to find location. It also allows me to quickly jot down new notes or task. Even great tool for shopping list and those daily “to do’s”. It even has a calendar with reminders. You can add photos to your notes either by taking a picture or from your storage of pics. Whats also cool is if you need to draw something, you can do that here as well.