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Ultramon – A taskbar on every screen

Ultramon is a piece of software that allows users who have multiple screens to have a taskbar on each screen they are using. This becomes particularly handy when your are working with mulitple application as it allows you to see what screen the application is opened on, rather than trying to tab thru it or clicking until you find it.


With Ultramon you can:
– You can move applications from one screen to another with a click of a button
– You can easily manage more applications so that they are not all on one task bar
– You can have a different wallpaper on each screen
– Easily mirror monitors
– You can also maximize windows across the desktop

Mulitple Displays

Recently I wrote a blog on the use of travel monitors so even when you’re out of the office you can have multiple displays. Now while in the office I use three monitors, one is my laptop screen, and two external monitors. Now you may ask, “how do you have two external monitors attached?” as laptops only have one VGA port available. The answer is simple, I use a USB video adapter for my third screen. I’ve tested a number of these from makers such as Iogear, StarTech, Kensington, and HP. The problem with a lot of these USB video adapters is the resolution isn’t always the greatest because of the hertz rates they use there can be frequency issues so you’re seeing the screen flicker or streaming lines also you may experience slowness when moving items on the screen. This hardware uses the DisplayLink software to simplify how multi-monitors talk to each other.

I have been using the HP external video adapter (Part: NL571AA) for the last year and a half and I have to say it works great! The resolution is amazing; I experience no slowness, and no flickering. Priced between $49 and $79 the unit is a must have if you’re in need of multiple screens and are a laptop user or even a desktop user and don’t want to hassle with installing a video card into your machine. At home I have to of the adapters installed so that I can use 4 screens on my desktop!

Beefy Thin Client-HP Compaq 8200

bva is doing more and more VDI installations within the small to medium size businesses.  The request for having sessions that have many screens is one of the main requests that we get with is always an interesting request.  Some of the common requests that bva gets in the experience are as followed:

  • speed
  • stability
  • remote capabilities outside of the network/LAN
  • multiple monitors (2, 3, and 4 monitors)
  • having minimal latency issues
  • having no data on

There are many great thin clients out there that can handle two monitors without issue but when you go to more that 2 monitors the cheaper units create an issue. The graphics card in the cheaper units (base model) cannot handle the multiple monitors over 2 screens.  bva likes Wyse terminals and all the HP terminals.  For environments where you need a little more power and need up to 4 monitors, bva would recommend the HP Compaq 8200 Elite Ultra-slim PC.  Its about $500 which is a little more expensive then the base models ($178) but the experience is well work the investment.