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iOS 10 – What happens if my iPhone 7/6 home button breaks??

iphone6-ios9-assistive-touch-menuThe iPhone 7 has changed the home button and like the headphone jack debacle, users are divided. Regardless of opinion if you have a iPhone 7 the home button has changed to a haptic engine known as the “Taptic Engine” which responds to touches with subtle vibrations, which actually simulates small movements although the home button itself does not move. The lack of moving parts is, in theory, less likely to break.

However, things do break occasionally. One user discovered what happens when the home button stops working with a home button notification reading, “Home Button May Need Service – In the meantime you can use the onscreen Home button below” as a temporary workaround. Yeah the home button still doesn’t work, but at least Apple is giving you another option for the time being.

Have a iPhone 6 with a broken home button? There’s a solution for you too, Enable Assistive Touch. Open Settings > General > Accessibility > Scroll down to Assistive touch and select it. Your screen should a white round button. This will serve as your onscreen home button. Tap the white round circle button, and home options will appear. You can move this button around your screen so that it is less in the way of your daily functions.

Regional Apple Support will also help you find out if the phone is under warranty, which will make the home button replacement free!


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iPhone 7 – 256 GB? Dual Lens? Waterproof?

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Alright. Lets break down some of those rumors, here’s a few of the prospects for whats to come with the iPhone 7.  First of all we know that the 16 GB model is out and the 32 GB model is in. Rumors suggest that Apple will offer 32 GB, 64 GB and..wait for it… a 256 GB model! Who will use that much space and how much will it cost? No one knows. Another rumor with credible plausibility is the integration of a dual-lens camera. Based on the LinX technology that Apple acquired this past year, the dual-lens feature will allow for wide-angle lens and zoom-in with the telephoto lens. The camera would be able to take two separate pictures at the same time, or in the same accord use one lens to shoot video and the other to take still photos. This technology is already present on the Galaxy S7, which leads many to believe Apple will do the same in order to compete. Also exciting to many, the space gray might be replaced by the space black, as seen with the Apple Watch Sport. Silver has always been one of Apple’s favorite color themes so the odds of doing away with silver are small, but the probability that they will bring back a black iPhone is high. The iPhone 7 might have a flat home button that will send a small vibration rather than a click when pressed. The new home button would use Force Touch with haptic feedback. It is expected that Apple will continue to tweak the home button as a part of making new iPhone models more durable. In this same effect, rumors have circulated that Apple is looking at making this next model waterproof. The iPhone 6s had waterproof features not talked about, and not marketed as a fully waterproof device. It only seems right that Apple would increase this waterproofing effort with the next model. Two rumors that have people upset are the doing away with the headphone jack, and changes to the Lightning port. The headphone jack, I totally understand. Many use that jack to connect an AUX cord to play audio in the car, and although wireless headphones are widely available, not everyone has a spare pair lying around. When you purchase an iPhone from the Apple Store, included is a pair of headphones. I wonder, if Apple does away with the headphone jack, will a complimentary pair of wireless headphones be included? Might lessen the blow. The Lightning port is said to change as well, but this will not actually affect the Lightning cables, so those with lightning cables now will not have to buy connector replacements. The change is said to affect mostly phone case makers who will have to accommodate the new smaller cutout around the port.

September is just around the corner Apple addicts!

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iPhone 7 Anticipated to be Most Complex Model Yet

OK, so now that it has been a few rounds of Apple iPhone releases, we know a thing or two about their product secrecy and production habits. Sounds a little creepy, but iPhone 7 anticipation will do that to a girl. Apple’s top two suppliers started hiring employees earlier than usual due to a ‘more complex’ iPhone 7 design and the rumors are swirling.


As it is already May and we have little information besides buzzing rumors about the newest addition to the iPhone family, the iPhone 7 seems to be more secret than previous models. It has been speculated that the 7 will house the same framework as the 6. Most are saying that the infrastructure won’t be much of a wowzer either. Economic Daily News feels the opposite, stating that the iPhone 7 will be “more complex than previous models” and has been shown through Apple’s increased production hiring. Apple’s top two suppliers are Foxconn and Pegatron, and their usual hiring practice before the production of a new generation iPhone has commenced a month earlier than in the past. This has been the first time in two years that Foxconn has started recruiting in May. This leads me to believe that the earlier hiring means more production hands on deck, for something bigger and more complex.

The two rumors that I would most like to see are the dual camera system and a water proof design. As an optimist, I am going to keep believing these features are the reason for the increased hiring practices, until the official iPhone 7 release in September.


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