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DLink Cloud Services – Cameras

In today’s busy lifestyles many people are looking for ways to monitor their homes, children, and pets when they aren’t home. DLink has come out with a set of Cloud Services to meet this need. I recently purchased a few of these DLink DCS-932L Cloud Cameras. This camera can be connected via Ethernet cable or it runs great wireless. I have 7 of them setup at various points inside and outside of my house to monitor my dogs while I’m away. With the MYDLink App (available for iphones and android phones) you can view your cameras anywhere you have an internet connection. There is also a website available so you can log in via the internet to view and make changes if you need to. http://www.dlink.com/us/en/

Intel Getting Aggressive with SmartPhones

Intel has announced its first, long-awaited smartphone in collaboration with Lenovo and Motorola. The Lenovo’s K800 phone will launch in China in the second quarter of 2012, while Motorola will wait till the regulatory approval comes in summer.  With this move, Intel challenges the smartphone dominance of British company ARM, whose chips power many of the world’s most popular phones.  The smartphones feature improved battery life, while also keeping standard features such as a camera of up to 16MP and rapid web browsing and graphics capabilities. Devices accept existing software.  The smartphone was presented in China during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and an announcement in the Las Vegas (CES) Show voiced the agreements and strategic plan of Intel in this arena.  The next generation chip is called Atom for these smartphones.  Under these agreements  Lenovo and Motorola will release smartphones that are based off of the Atom Chip, code names Medfield.  They are claiming with the new chip-set these phones leveraging these chips will allow for up to 8 hours of work time which is pretty impressive.  A lower power signature is pretty impressive and a common request from users.