IT Support

A competitive business cannot survive without maintaining proper Information Technology operations or contingency plans. Therefore, it is vital to maintain your Information Technology infrastructure and keep it functioning securely and efficiently.

BVA’s experience supporting, designing, and troubleshooting the IT infrastructures of large corporations has provided the foundation for a “world class”, small and medium sized, business support package. It is designed to fit the needs, and budget, of a small or medium sized business and give them the same kind of protection, reliability and performance that is demanded of Fortune 500 companies. BVA’s “tailored” approach to IT support can give any business the support most suited to their needs and budget.

Proactive Support

Insure that your business is working at peak efficiency, because poor IT system performance and outages are crippling to businesses of all sizes.  Proactively maintaining your business IT infrastructure is essential to keeping it efficient and productive.  Large Corporations already know this truth, and they avoid the costly impact of “reacting to problems” by proactively addressing the issues before they happen.  BVA’s bSecure offering enables small and medium size businesses to insure their own productivity with a Proactive Support program scaled to fit their individual needs and budget.


Our Helpdesk Support Experts are all highly skilled, full-time employees of BVA.  We do not outsource.  So, you can give your employees expert personal IT support when they need it with BVA’s Helpdesk.  Whatever the issue may be, BVA’s IT professionals are ready to help any and all of your employees with the IT assistance they need.

Reactive Support

Not all IT needs can be planned.  When your business demands expert IT support, BVA can react with the skilled resource you need.  Our experienced Team is ready to resolve issues with Servers, Workstations, Firewalls, Email & Messaging, Internet Access, Printing, Remote Access, Databases, etc.  We only dispatch skilled, certified, and experienced Engineers because we understand the importance of reacting to, and resolving, your IT issues quickly and efficiently.

Emergency IT Support 24/7

Because businesses can require IT support after hours, on weekends, or holidays BVA’s Emergency IT Support System is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.  Whether you need expert, high level phone support for your IT staff, or you require immediate onsite support, our Team is ready to respond to your call.

Hosted Solutions

Many small and medium businesses have found it very cost effective to have their IT infrastructure hosted in a secured Network Operations Center.  Their Fileservers are thereby secured, power protected, and given guaranteed Internet access.  Businesses then have the same IT functionality, but without the concerns of supporting their File and Web servers.  BVA’s Team can show you how your business can benefit from a Hosted Solution.

Virtual Cloud Offering – AWS and Microsoft Office365

BVA provides virtual hosting in the cloud with two established vendors: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.  Both of these support vendors and reliable and long standing cloud infrastructures that are industry proven.  bva has over 1000 servers hosted between the two vendors and feel very confident that any of our clients have the technical capability to move their entire environment up to the cloud in a very secure architecture, with ease of connectivity from a end user perspective.

Managed Services

BVA has made it possible for small and medium size businesses to benefit from an IT resource that was once reserved for large corporations. With our bManaged Services package our Support Center monitors the vital signs of your IT infrastructure 24/7/365. We customize our installation and response to meet the specific needs of your business.  BVA’s bManaged Services allows small and medium sized businesses to have an IT staff watching their IT network around the clock.

Staff Augmentation

Whether you have a large IT staff, a single Network Administrator, or a part-time IT Support person – BVA can augment your existing IT staff.   Our certified, skilled, and experienced IT Team is ready to supplement your needs for a day, week, a month, or longer.  We’ll make sure you receive the right resource at the right time.