Ethical Hacking

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This practice of ethical hacking of commercial business has become more of a request these days in light of the current landscape of the technology environment.  An ethical hacker is a computer/networking expert who systematically attempts to penetrate a computer system or network on behalf of its owners for the purpose of access, finding security vulnerabilities, or verifying user activity levels and documentation of said activities.   As a result this allows bva to true-up security holes and make systems more reliable, as a result securing commercial and personal data.

In many cases this effort it taken place in the event of a few situations:

  • Legacy IT personnel leave an organization and do not provide any passwords or operational knowledge
  • Decision Makers do not have confidence in their current IT personnel and request bva to get within the environment to determine health-status of the environment in terms of security level and possible restoration.
  • Decision Makers determine that there are certain personnel within the organization that are taking/stealing data (intellectual property) and require bva to hack into the users machine and track/document (Video) those illegal transactions.

In light of this need and requirement, bva has taken the action of hiring and internal training certain personnel that can hack within environments of course with the full support of the client/organization that is requesting said services.

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