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Superior VDI Experience – Flash Array & Citrix XenDesktop


Delivering a superior VDI experience with Flash Array and Citrix XenDesktop

VDI – Virtual Desktop infrastructure is the practice of hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server. VDI is a variation on the client/server computing model, sometimes referred to as server-based computing. VDI has become more popular, now available to most workers, anyplace, anytime, via multiple devices.

Virtualizing and centralizing desktops offers a more secure, more manageable and less costly end-user computing model. Scalable server architecture has helped with this, although virtualizing and centralizing are more popular now they are still not widespread.

The reason being high cost and management complexities. VDI deployment should reduce equipment costs and management costs although the initial shared server and networking resources can have an expensive price tag. VDI that relies on spinning disk storage systems tend to deliver unreliable performance and slow response times. VDI projects are usually deployed with the goal of maximizing end-user productivity, which is great, but usually this means increased IT management.

When considering a VDI storage solution it is important to value high performance with consistent low latency as well as non-disruptive operations. Low latency storage compatibilities are required to enable the full potential of VDI designs. Otherwise the systems will get bogged down and users will experience inconsistent performance and disconnections when multiple devices log in at the same time. The system must be available at all times even during maintenance, upgrades, natural disasters etc. Storage systems that cannot perform consistently will not be able to support VDI installation.

Pure Storage Flash Array and Citrix XenDesktop in perfect harmony

The Pure Storage Flash Array delivers low latency performance with the average latency being less than 1 millisecond. Flash Array’s typical data reduction rate of 10:1 or greater cuts costs than with traditional disks and hybrid storage. The average up time for Flash Array storage systems is greater than 99.999 percent – extremely reliable. Flash Array also employs a set and forget system that simplifies VDI management. In addition this storage solution has non-disruptive operations that give that same reliable performance even during upgrades and maintenance.

Citrix XenDesktop delivers full Windows VDI capabilities in addition to virtual apps, meeting the demands of any user. XenDesktop enables users to access their apps, desktops and data without the limitations of a traditional solution. On the unified FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) platform, XenDesktop is the only solution that is FIPS-compliant and Common Criteria certified to meet the highest security standards of regulated industries. End users will enjoy the simple virtual desktop interface, while IT will appreciate the superior performance of HDX technology, even when deployed over challenging, high-latency networks.




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Bins – Folders for the taskbar.

When users work on their workstations, some have trouble keeping the clutter off the desktop, some keep an icon for every application on their machine in their taskbar dock. 1UP Industries has developed a new solution called Bins that’s provides folders for the task bar. The cost of the solution is $4.99 and here’s some more information on the product:


Restore sanity to your Windows 7 taskbar

Combine related icons on your Windows 7 taskbar with Bins™.
Reduce clutter, and get at your programs quickly.
Super easy

Create a Bins container by dragging one taskbar icon on top of another, and dropping into the bubble that appears. Ungroup icons by dragging the icon back to the taskbar. No need to open a settings screen; Bins is simple and intuitive.
Instantly accessible

Once combined, your icons will appear instantly when you mouse over a group’s icon, for launching or for window-management. Move your mouse away and Bins will tuck back into the taskbar.
Pin files and folders to your taskbar

Want a favorite folder or document more easily on hand? Bins allows you to pin any file or folder to your taskbar natively.
Bins also allows you to add spacers to your taskbar, as well as a fully functional Recycle Bin.

Check out the solution at

Beefy Thin Client-HP Compaq 8200

bva is doing more and more VDI installations within the small to medium size businesses.  The request for having sessions that have many screens is one of the main requests that we get with is always an interesting request.  Some of the common requests that bva gets in the experience are as followed:

  • speed
  • stability
  • remote capabilities outside of the network/LAN
  • multiple monitors (2, 3, and 4 monitors)
  • having minimal latency issues
  • having no data on

There are many great thin clients out there that can handle two monitors without issue but when you go to more that 2 monitors the cheaper units create an issue. The graphics card in the cheaper units (base model) cannot handle the multiple monitors over 2 screens.  bva likes Wyse terminals and all the HP terminals.  For environments where you need a little more power and need up to 4 monitors, bva would recommend the HP Compaq 8200 Elite Ultra-slim PC.  Its about $500 which is a little more expensive then the base models ($178) but the experience is well work the investment.