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Photoshop Touch – for iPhone or iPad

In today’s world of smartphones replacing the use of caring a camera it would be also be great to have a tool that can easily manipulate and fix your photos. This tool will give you a bit more features to edit photos, lighten, darken or and filter your photos. Below are some of the features you might find handy.

• Layers: Combine multiple images, adjust layer order, control individual layer opacity, edit layers individually
• Versatile image browsing and acquisition: Select photos from multiple sources (including Facebook, Google Image Search, or iPad camera live feed)
• Sharing through Facebook: Share to Facebook and see comments within Photoshop Touch
• Interactive tutorials: Step by step instructional video tutorials within the app.
• Selection tools: Standard selection tools plus protection selection to protect parts of the image you do not want to edit.
• Photoshop effects and filters: Variety of filters and effects popular in the full version of Photoshop available within app.
• Filter brushes: Add filter effects onto photos only where you want them.
• Edge-aware painting: Auto-detects where paint should stop, eliminating the need for tedious selections.
• Refine Edge: Tool assists in selecting complex photo elements such as hair or fur.
• Tone and color adjustment: Tone and color adjustments can be made to entire images, selections, or individual layers.
• Photoshop compatible file format: Compatible file format for Photoshop CS5 (after plug in download) allows you to move work between your computer and iPad via the Adobe Create Cloud.
• Text: Add text and text effects such as strokes, drop shadows, and fades.

How to Remotely Find and or Wipe Your iPhone

Did you know that if you ever lost or had your iPhone stolen you can remotely find your phone and or wipe it? You simply need to make sure iCloud is activated on your phone. You can then log into the website From there go to Find My iPhone. You would then select the device, and as long as its turned on you can locate where the phone is presently by selecting the phone… then you can select to have it play a sound…you can select Lost Mode which locks the phone or you can simply click on Erase iPhone. You will have to enter you apple ID and password to perform the erase but its that simple. Now if the phone is offline, the phone will be erased the next time its online.

Video Streaming – Air Video

Watching movies today has come a long way. Renting videos or playing dvd’s is not as necessary as it once was. If you have an APPLE TV and an iPhone or iPad, you can wirelessly stream any video you have stored on your Mac or PC. If the video you have is not in the format supported by iPhone or iPad, Air Video will convert them on the fly. Meaning you don’t have to wait for the entire video to convert before watching, you can do this immediately. Also, lets say you have a movie you want to load onto your iPad, but the format is correct, with Air Video you can convert the video file, and then load it into iTunes and thus onto your iPad. To find out more go to

Siri Data Storage

Just like other companies that hold on to your data from devices for a certain length of time, Apple is no different. Tracy Muller, an Apple spokesperson has clarified how Siri stores its data. It caught our attention here at bva since our company phones are iPhones.

One thing that Muller described that I liked is that Apple doesn’t save your Apple ID or e-mail address along with the data, instead the company generates a random number for the user and that is what is associated with the voice files. She continued to explain that after these voice files are separated from voice clips after six months. Then they can sit for another 18 months. Muller went on to explain that the data can be deleted if the voice-assistant is turned off at any time.


iOS or Android?

The Android vs iOS battle is like this generations Coke vs Pepsi. With so many options along with people’s brand loyalty it is a battle that may never have a winner, even here with our employees at BVA. I started off with Android a few years back and loved it. Then I went ahead and got a iPhone because my husband had a MacBook and I was getting one in the near future as well. I hated it so much I tried to return it but now I don’t see going back.

There is an article that caught my eye though about Androids best selling points and it got me thinking about how they have really stepped up their game. Not only does it give customers more features and options it is also on the more affordable side of things. To read more about what Android has brought to the table click here.

Setup iCloud

How to setup iCloud on your iPhone

iCloud doesn’t just store your content, it allows you to access your content from all of your apple devices with iCloud setup. This includes music, phones, calendars, contacts and documents.

To set this up on the iphone

1. Make sure you’re running the latest iOS 5
2. Turn on iCloud – you will need an apple ID, this is what you use as a login into your Apple account. To turn on iCloud tap on SETTINGS and select iCLOUD then enter your Apple ID.
3. Customize your settings. You can turn on or off different iCloud Services.
a. You can also get a free iCloud email account
4. Setup up Automatic downloads so your store purchases are automatically downloaded to your various devices.
5. After you complete the initial setup, turn on iCloud on your other apple devices with iCloud (ie: ipad, iphone, ipod, ect…)

Use Apple Configurator to deploy iPhones and iPads

Apple’s Configurator tool allows you to configure and deploy up to 30 iOS devices at a time.  The free app allows you to configure settings like Wi-fi and Exchange ActiveSync, and well as restrict access to features like the webcam and even internet browsing.


Apple support:

Download here:

Air Display – User your IPad as a Second Monitor

As more and more users become mobile the need for mulitple screens on the road has become invaluable. Now if you have an iPad, using wifi, you can use it as a second monitor with your laptop.

You’ll have to install the app on your ipad for $9.99 as well and download and install the app on your laptop.

Key features:
– An instant second monitor
– Touch your desktop
– Display it the way you want (ie Landscape or Portrait)
– No wires needed

Apple TV: Oh the Possibilities…

I have used the Apple TV appliance for a little over a year now and just recently found some cool features to use it with my iPhone and two very neat applications. First of all for those of you who don’t know what the Apple TV is, its a small box that you can connect to your TV and by either wifi or ethernet cable access movies, netflix, music, and whats really cool your iTunes library when you turn on Home Sharing. You connect the device to your TV via HDMI cable, the streaming video quality is amazing.

The AppleTV retails for $99. If you have a Netflix subscription you can access it via this device as well. It comes with a remote that is simple to use, please that if you have a MacBook, the remote works on that as well, I found this out when I trying to browse through netflix and it kept playing music on my itunes that was my MacBook Pro.

Now onto the apps…
On my iphone I have an app called AirVideo, up until recently I had only used it to convert my .avi videos so that I can play them on my iPad. One of the coolest features of AirVideo is the ability to stream your video from your computer on your iPhone or iPad, and now I can play it on my Apple TV as well. My videos are stored on my pc in my home office computer and with just a couple of taps on the iPhone its streaming on my TV!

Another cool app is called Remote, this app allows you to control your AppleTV on your iPhone or iPad and thus allows you to stream content ie: pictures, videos or simply control your AppleTV when your playing movies from Netflix.

Put all three together and you’ve got an amazing way to stream videos! I have two AppleTV devices, one in my main media room and one in my bedroom.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Something promising that i read up on recently was the concept of Near Field Communication. Essentially near field communication or NFC for short, consists of a close-range radio chip that is in your phone or other personal electronic devices and it will allow you to access different devices or rooms based on the settings. The current interesting use is for turning your cell phone into a key for a hotel, or a key-card lock. Personally I would love to just walk up to my house or hotel room and put my phone in front of the door which would allow me to access my room. Consolidating everything into one would be a great accomplishment.

This could also be potentially used for a variety of things. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be put into a cell phone but it could be in other devices as well. Maybe a car key or something of that nature. The nice thing is that they can be reprogrammed for anything.

If you lose your device, your access can easily be revoked through the management system. It is currently being pioneered in Sweden by a lock maker company Assa Abloy.

I think this is pretty neat and would love to see it in action.