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What Is New About The iPhone 6 and 6s – New iPhone Features Review | BVA IT Consulting Blog

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Get ready to preorder your new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Apple unveiled a wave of innovation with a new iPad, a revamped Apple TV, and of course new mobile phones at its special event in San Francisco, California. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are the ninth generation of iPhones since its first release in 2007.  New features include 3D touch, an enhanced 12-megapixel back camera with 4k video, a 5-megapixel front camera, and the capability of creating GIF images from photos. The new 3D touch feature is similar to the likes of an upgraded Force Touch, a feature used on the Apple Watch, Macbook, and MacBook Pro. Force touch essentially measures how hard you press, allowing you more control and enabling new user interface tricks. The 3D touch gives you the ability to take a glance at the content you are hovering over as well as opening it in its entirety depending on how long you press.

With regards to the camera, the upgraded iPhone has a 12-megapixel camera compared to its predecessors’ 8 megapixels, along with a sharpened auto-focus. Furthermore, with a new feature called Live Photos, you will have the ability to create GIFs with your photos.

iPhone 6 features | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

iPhone 6 OriginalThe iPhone 6/Plus is the next rave and everyone wants one, even if they deny wanting one!  There are two different models, the iPhone 6 which is 4.7 inches and the iPhone 6 Plus which comes in at 5.5 inches.  Each phone will come in either 16, 64, and 128 gb.  The iphone 6 will have a 1334×750 display while the iphone 6 will feature a 1920×1080 display.  Each will boast a longer battery life, landscape mode, and a huge boost in the camera department.  There is also a new feature called “Reachability” which moves items from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen for quick access.  I for have already got mine on order and can’t wait to have it in my hands!!!

iPhone 6 The Most Anticipated Smartphone Ever – Rumors of Larger Screen | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

iphone 6 image iphone 6According to this article, rumor has it the Apple iPhone 6 is set to come out in September of 2014. There are two different iPhone 6 versions that will debut. One is said to be 4.7 inches and the other 5.5 inches larger than the iPhone 5. Apple has signed a deal to use sapphire glass, a very strong glass material that is supposed to be “unbreakable” but in return is very costly. The rumor is that the sapphire glass may be used for the iWatch instead, which will be less expensive given the screen will be much smaller in comparison to the iPhone 6 screen that is growing in size. Apple has also patent an anti-snudge coating that will be used for the new iPhone 6 screen as well. The screen for the iPhone 6 is said to be completely different from the previous iPhones, the endges of the phone are smooth and more curved, the structure of the phone is said to be the thinner, and the apple emblem on the back of the phone is said to light up when you receive texts or calls. These are just a few of many rumors that have been circulating about the highly anticipated release of the iPhone 6. Check out the images of the “iPhone 6” that are not verified to be the actual phone.

SimpleNote-The Free Note Taking App

For those of you who like to take notes or keep track of items SimpleNote is a cool cloud based note keeping app.  I use it on my iphone as well as on my pc and mac.  It stores your data, and you simply have to login wherever you are to access your information.  You can share lists, post instructions, or publish your thoughts.  Your notes are backed up and if you need to go back to something you can easily do so.  You can search your notes quickly and easily.  There are phone apps for both iOS users as well as Android users.  What’s more important… its FREE! 

Google now hits iOS devices

Google now has been on android devices for over a year now and just today it was announced that it is now available on iOS devices. Google now basically helps you manage your day to day tasks. From boarding passes, to appointments, weather, reservations, and more.  It essentially syncs with your desktop as well and you can see it on your phone for hours to come.

Check out the short video.

LogMeIn App for the iPhone

LogMeIn is an application many of use to remotely access our computers either home or at work. Did you know that there’s an app for that as well that you can use on your iPhone or iPad? The app works the same way as the desktop application. You can use the free version called LogMeIn or the paid version called Ignition.

Key features of LogMeIn:• Access your home and work computers on the go.
• Control your Mac or PC as if you’re sitting right in front of it.
• Get to your computer files and edit them from your iPad or iPhone.
• Remotely run any application on your computer from your iPad or iPhone.
• Fix computer problems remotely for business or personal IT.

Key features of Ignition:
• Remote access to all your computers, files and applications
• File manager for transferring files remotely and saving files to your device
• Wake-On-Lan for waking a sleeping computer remotely
• Print to AirPrint-compatible printers
• Attach files to emails directly from Ignition
• Photo management for transferring photos from/to photo library
• HD video and sound streaming from your remote computer to your mobile device (available for Windows, Mac coming soon)
• My Cloud Bank integration that links Ignition with popular cloud services

Siri – Creating Notes

Siri can easily create new notes, modify your existing notes, and find old ones. This is tied to the native Notes app.

Creating New Notes
– Make a note about (topic)
– Create a note about (phrase or topic)
– Note that (some event happened)

Add to Existing Notes
– Add (item) to (topic) note
– Add (item) to my notes about (subject)

Searching Notes
– Find my notes from (day, month, year)
– Find notes about (topic, subject, phrase)

Hide Apps on the iPhone and iPad

Have you ever wanted to hide an app from appearing from your iOS home screen? Below are simple steps to do this.

Hide Apple Default Apps on the iPhone & iPad
You can use this to hide Safari, Camera (which also disables the camera completely), FaceTime, and iTunes apps:

– Open Settings and tap on “General”
– Go to “Restrictions” and tap “Enable Restrictions”, set a passcode for restrictions if you haven’t yet
– Under “Allow” toggle the apps you want to hide to OFF, i.e. flip the switch next to “Safari” to OFF if you want to hide Safari
– Exit out of Restrictions when satisfied

Hide All Downloaded Apps from the iOS Home Screen
This is a simple way to hide every single app that has been downloaded to iOS from the App Store, removing them from the home screen:

– Open Settings and tap on “General”
– Go to “Restrictions” and make sure they are enabled
– Scroll down under “Allowed Content” and look for “Apps”
– Tap “Don’t Allow Apps” to instantly hide all downloaded apps

Hide Apps in a Folder
This is the age-old traditional method that has been around as long as Folders, and it’s probably best for unused apps, though it’s more like hiding something from view rather than truly hiding it. Nonetheless, it’s a valid solution in many cases and is extremely simple:

– Tap and hold on any app icon until it starts to jiggle
– Drag that app icon onto another app you want to hide to create a folder, name it whatever you want like “Unused”
– Drag other apps to hide into that folder as necessary

iPhone Signal Bar – Engineering Mode

The iPhone 5 tries to make its signal bar and reception look better than it really is. Do you Want to know what your reception actually is? You need to use the Engineering mode. Type *3001#12345#* into the dialler and hit the call button and you’ll enter Field Test mode. This changes the bar-based signal indicator to a “proper” numerical figure. There are also menus to tell you all sorts of other signal information, however many are lost on how this works.

Iphone – How to Add an Email Attachement

Iphone – How to add and email attachment

Have you ever wanted to attach something in an email you were writing in our iOS device but simply couldn’t figure how to do it???
To add an attachment you simply hold a finger down on the boxy of the email for a second, let go and a menu will appear. Scroll right
in this “select/paste” menu and you’ll be given the option to add a photo or video to your email. It’s not quite as flexible as the attachments you can add on a proper computer, but it’s something.