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New Cloud VoIP Phone Systems โ€“ Cloud Phone System Review โ€“ Which Cloud Solution Is Best For Phone Systems | BVA IT Consulting Blog

BVAย is reviewing many different options when it comes to Cloud Offerings for phone systems.ย  There are many out there that promise a lot of things and in our experiences we feel that they over-promise feature sets.ย  There are some local vendors here in the valley that have some offerings such

Core Exchange Online Features โ€“ Comprehensive Messaging Solution From Microsoft โ€“ What Features Does Microsoft Core Exchange Include | BVA IT Consulting Blog

Microsoft offers a comprehensive messaging solution with a simple per-user monthly fee. Major features include:

Standard 5-gigabyte (GB) mailbox and optional 25-GB mailbox to fit your organization profile.
Deskless Worker seat with 500-megabyte (MB) mailbox for workers who require fewer messaging features.
Built-in premium service continuity management capabilities.
Multilevel message hygiene capability, including antispam

Exchange 2010 Email Archiving โ€“ Does Microsoft Exchange Archiving Help Control Data Flow | BVA IT Consulting Blog

Exchange 2010 Email Archiving appears to beย Microsoftโ€™s answer to third-party products like Symantec Enterprise Vault and Iron Mountain-Mimosa Systems.ย  Based upon what I see, itโ€™ll be a nice advanced IT solution for clients that use their mail system like a filing cabinet.ย  This is a great way of managing data