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Black Friday CYBER STEALS!

Starting on Black Friday and continuing through Cyber Monday and beyond, consumers are estimated to spend a whopping $143 billion throughout the 2019 holiday shopping season, according to Adobe Analytics, and all that money changing hands means cyber-criminals will be targeting both you and the online retailers you trust, now more


What Are Firewalls and Why Do They Matter?

What are firewalls, how do they function, and why do they matter? Let’s discuss.

Firewalls are essential for both personal and professional use, but why? Also, what exactly is a firewall? I’ll explain both of these points and more in this quick update. 

Cited below for your convenience is an outline of


Email Archiving and TTP

You might think that Gmail or Office 365 is backing up all of your old emails and data, but there’s a good chance that they’re not. Here’s how you can fix that.

I’m here today to talk about a common misconception in the technical marketplace when it comes to email archiving

FSLogix – Create more portable computing sessions when using physical devices

FSLogix is a set of solutions that enhance, enable, and simplify non-persistent Windows computing environments. This solution are appropriate for Virtual environments in both public and private clouds. This solution includes:

Profile Container – Profile Container redirects the entire user profile to a remote location. Profile Container configuration defines how and where the

Ubiquiti Cloud Service/Appliance at AWS (EC2)

For those that leverage Ubiquiti wifi products, switches, or other network equipment, there is a great product that can centrally manage all your devices via the Cloud Controller at AWS.  There is a pre-set EC2 instance you can deploy that will join all your devices to is for a