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Blasted by Phishing Calendar Invitations

Have you been getting random calendar invitations from unfamiliar sources about events you have never heard of before? It seems we are not the only ones. Most of the calendar invitations seem to be coming from email accounts from other countries, promising deals on brand name products such as Ray-Bans.

Coolest MacBook Pro Touch Bar Features

Sitting just above the keys, the Touch Bar displays an array of color changing functionalities. Check out just a few of the cool things the Touch Bar can do!

Just like texting on an iPhone, the Touch Bar allows for predictive text. For even faster email responses.

You can Preview and Edit

Google Makes Photo Scanning a Piece of Cake!

The holidays seem to give people the little push they need to start digitizing their photos. I hear it every season – “This is the year we are finally going to get all the old photos on the big TV and go through them!” and then it comes time to

Two Factor Authentication – What is it?

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, takes a combination of generally accepted forms of authentication to further secure your login to big sites and applications such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple iCloud and others. This is an extra layer of protection that utilizes something you know such as a password, and

AWS releases tool for migrating on-premises apps to the cloud

The Server Migration Service was created to simplify the process of incremental replication of virtual machines from their on-premises infrastructure to Amazon’s cloud.
IT administrators install a connector that will analyze their virtualized server environment and collect information about the instances they’re using.Β AWS Management Console allows for viewing all the operating