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Tricky, more Advanced Malware than Ever Before: How To Combat Advance Malware | BVA IT Consulting Blog

As the world continues to exponentially develop through the rapid advancements of technology, experts have observed that innovation and high tech evolution is not without some costs. Malware, a term used to describe a variety of malicious and intrusive software, has consequently become a newer and bigger threat, as they are increasingly more creative and complex than ever before.  Research has shown that desktops are no longer the only domains at risk, but mobile phones as well.

Phishing applications pose as ostensibly harmless entities in popular Android games, often masquerading as a cheat or modification only to steal sensitive information such as your passwords, usernames, and even credit card details.

An even more disturbing malware, the so-called “crypto-ransomware” is a hostile code that holds your phone hostage, locks the screen, encrypts your data, and impels a blackmail payment of up to $500 to undo.  Simplock, a type of crypto-ransomware worms its entry into an Android devices’ administrator rights, spreading its encryption to not only your documents and multimedia, but archived files as well.movile malware

Most targeted devices of advanced attacks such as ransomware reside in the developed world, whereas the underdeveloped countries are subject to the older, well-known malware.  Statistics have shown that 77 percent of Androids affected with this sort of malware are in the United States.

New Intel Processor: 6th Gen Core Skylake Review | BVA IT Consulting Blog

intel processor family

The 6th Generation Intel Core Processor Family has been unveiled by Intel.  It is built on their new Skylake microarchitecture on the company’s 14 nm manufacturing process technology.  Together with the use of the Intel 100 Series and Intel CM 236 chip sets, the new processors promise an enhancement in performance with graphics, power efficiency, and support for a range of device designs including the compute stick, two-in-ones and All-in-One desktops, and new mobile workstations.  The company boasts that these are Intel’s best processors ever, with powerful possibilities and built-in security.  The Intel Core M processor family will include the Intel Core levels m3, m5, and m7 processors.

This generation of processors also contains a mobile “K” SKU, allowing overclocking when unlocked.  Allowing more user control, the advanced quad-core Intel Core i5 processor delivers up to 60 percent improved multitasking and the Intel Xeon E3 now powers mobile workstations.

Visually, the processors integrate the new Intel 500 Series graphics, which incorporate Intel HD graphics, Intel Iris graphics, and Intel Iris Pro graphics.  Additional fundamental features include adaptive performance, modern standby, and key feature integration such as an image signal processor and eMMC memory card interface.  Furthermore, support for DirectX 12 is available, as well as Intel Speed Shift Technology, and Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C.

The new 6th Gen Intel Core-based processors promise to deliver the most significant advancements in computing ever seen. Now, more than ever, these systems are more responsive with enhanced performance, battery life, and security. These new advances by Intel allow for contemporary and advanced new PC experiences such as logging into your computer with your face and even having a digital personal assistant responding to your voice.

Advantages of Voice Over IP and Unified Communication For Small Business – Should Small Biz Use VoIP | BVA IT Consulting Blog

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is the delivery of voice communication or multimedia sessions through your internet network rather than a phone landline and the term Unified communications refers to a mixture of multiple types of communications such as video conferencing, email, and instant messaging.  Generally these two terms are used fittingly together, but how are they related together and in accordance to your small business?HostedVOIP

VoIP is essentially a type of Unified Communication and small businesses can greatly benefit from the use of such UC. With full integration of UC, you have the harmonious ability to switch from email to phone. Customer data from a phone representative will be consistent with that of an employee providing email support; therefore, information regarding a customer’s name, what has been purchased, or even problems they may have encountered will entirely be available and shared amongst your representatives for a seamless communicating infrastructure.  Another benefit from UC is a potential in improving productivity by condensing training. You can train your employees on learning one unified platform rather than multiple applications.  Customers will benefit from the utilization of UC in your small business because of the simplicity it will provide your employees to assist them. UC is useful for consolidating data, skipping any disarray that may come with multiple unconnected lines of communication, making it easy for your customers to contact and communicate with your representatives in the most convenient way possible. Whether it is email, phone call, or chat, your customers will have the option to do so and your employees will have to the tools to easily make it possible.

Acer Convertible Chromebook Review and Specs | BVA IT Consulting Blog

The Chromebook R 11, Acer’s first of its kind, is a portable notebook designed to modify and transition based on what is most comfortable to the user and setting. There are four modes of usage: display, laptop, pad, and tent. Although Acer already provides Chromebooks ranging from 11 to 15 inches, the convertible series provides an addition of comfort to the user as customers can manipulate the notebook through its 360-degree dual-torque hinge design.  The Convertible Chromebook not only is capable of evolving through different modes but is also portable, weighing less the 1.25 kg and as thin as 19.2mm. The computer comes equipped with an Intel Celeron processor, 2×2 MIMO 802.11ac wireless connection, and a USB 3.0 port.  The LED-backlit LCD screen uses a 10-point touch which supports Tap, Swipe, and Pinch to Zoom actions. Additionally, the notebook includes an 11.6-inch HD screen complete with an HD webcam with HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging.



The new and dynamic Acer Chromebook R 11 will be available in the US in October with costs starting at $299.

Free Password Managing – Good Free Password Managers – Dashlane Password Management | BVA IT Consulting Blog


Are you guilty of using the same password for all your logins? This is typically discouraged especially if you’re attempting to secure sensitive content. With all the diverse apps and websites we now have available to us it’s understandable to not bother to create and remember a different password for every single one.  However, if one password is discovered you leave the flood gates open to everything you want to remain secure.

Dashlane is a free password manager that securely imports your passwords from your browser to a protected password vault. The database is encrypted with AES-256 encryption and only the user has the master password saved in his or her head.   If you are especially paranoid you can utilize a google authenticator for additional security.   Dashlane has the ability to identify weak passwords that might be easily cracked by hackers and creates stronger, more impenetrable passwords for you. It also alerts you when there is a breach and stops potential hackers in their tracks before your security is compromised.

New Apple TV Updates: Control Your Apple TV With Siri | BVA IT Consulting Blog

apple_tv_2015_roundupVoice controlled television is now available with the emergence of Siri-enhanced Apple TV. With the touch of the Siri button on the new remote, you will be able to voice command your virtual assistant to pull up your favorite shows, music, movies, and apps.  With the new Apple TV you will also be able to conveniently execute a universal search across all the available apps rather than searching through one app at a time. At the time being, Apple TV will initially work with the apps iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime; however, Apple has affirmed that there are more to come.

As demonstrated in a demo, Siri seems to be capable of a lot more than just searching for a name of a show or movie. You can command for a specific episode of a show that includes a guest appearance from a certain actor for example and even have her skip back 15 seconds by simply asking ‘What did he say?’ You can also ask information about a movie such as “Who is that actor?” and the answer will display at the bottom of the screen.

The iOS-based operating system, tvOS, is what Apple TV will run; therefore, iOS games will be available for play on Apple TV. You will be able to sync Apple TV with other Apple devices, so games on your iPhone can be pulled up on your TV.

Hardware wise, Apple TV uses a 64-bit A8 chip and has HDMI and Ethernet ports. Pointing the remote to the television is now a thing of the past as the remote uses Bluetooth.

The Apple TV arrives to 80 Countries in October. The cost will be $149 for the 32GB and $199 for the 64GB.

What Is Better About The New iPhone: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Improvements | BVA IT Consulting Blog

With the new iPhone, you not only get a few new and innovated features such as the 3D Touch and Live Photos, you get some other upgrades as well. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come equipped with iOS 9, a faster touch ID sensor, an improved 12-megapixel camera, the ability to take 4K videos, faster performance with a new 64 bit A9 processor, and a new motion coprocessor which allows more features to run while low on battery.

Furthermore, the Riphone6setina HD displays of the new phones are made with the security of the strongest glass of any smart phone and the modern, custom made 7000 series aluminum is the same alloy used in the aerospace industry.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Release Date and Cost Analysis | BVA IT Consulting Blog


iphone cost

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are set to arrive on September 25th, 2015. However, for those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on the new iPhone upgrade, preorders begin on September 12th.  On contract, the iPhone 6S will cost $199 for 16 GB, $299 for 64GB, and $399 for 128GB. The iPhone 6s Plus will cost $100 more for each GB configuration. On the other hand, the iPhone 5 will be free on contract and the iPhone 6 will drop to $99 and $199.  Also, Apple has implemented a new way to shift away from stiff contracts by introducing the “iPhone upgrade program. For $32 dollars a month, you can be guaranteed the newest iPhones yearly. This could be a good choice for people who love getting the most cutting edge technology on their phones every year.

New 3D Touch iPhone Feature – iPhone 6s and 6s Plus 3D Touch Feature Review | BVA IT Consulting Blog



On the surface, the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus appearance is very similar to its former predecessor with the exception of the addition of a new ‘rose gold’ color. However, there are a few different and notable internal enhances that are worth taking in to consideration when deciding whether or not to obtain the new upgraded iPhone, one of which is the 3D touch. Those of you that have a Macbook Pro or Apple Watch will be familiar with the Force Touch feature, which is comparable to the new 3D Touch for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. 3D touch is essentially the Force Touch, but for the iPhone. It not only recognizes the touch of your fingers but also senses the force and pressure you apply, adding a new element of control you have over the content you seek to view. Simply add a slight pressure to open a sub menu of options/take a glimpse of something such as a picture or firmly press down to open its content in a full screen.



What Is New About The iPhone 6 and 6s – New iPhone Features Review | BVA IT Consulting Blog

iphone screen saver

Get ready to preorder your new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Apple unveiled a wave of innovation with a new iPad, a revamped Apple TV, and of course new mobile phones at its special event in San Francisco, California. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are the ninth generation of iPhones since its first release in 2007.  New features include 3D touch, an enhanced 12-megapixel back camera with 4k video, a 5-megapixel front camera, and the capability of creating GIF images from photos. The new 3D touch feature is similar to the likes of an upgraded Force Touch, a feature used on the Apple Watch, Macbook, and MacBook Pro. Force touch essentially measures how hard you press, allowing you more control and enabling new user interface tricks. The 3D touch gives you the ability to take a glance at the content you are hovering over as well as opening it in its entirety depending on how long you press.

With regards to the camera, the upgraded iPhone has a 12-megapixel camera compared to its predecessors’ 8 megapixels, along with a sharpened auto-focus. Furthermore, with a new feature called Live Photos, you will have the ability to create GIFs with your photos.