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Database Administration Challenges – DBMS Technology – Database Management | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.24.43 PMToday, all enterprises depend on DBMS technology to store their critical business data. Databases support mission- critical data for banks, hospitals, airlines, defense agencies, schools, retailers, and other industries. Every new database that an organization deploys puts pressure on IT to ensure its availability, integration, security, reliability, and quality. Managing databases with fewer people has always been a challenge, but with databases scaling to terabytes and petabytes, these challenges have grown more acute. Being able to find the correct people via staffing is crucial in keeping your databases within control and manageable. Some of the other challendges that most organizations are experieincing are as followed:

  • Delivering improved performance
  • Lack of staff resources
  • Data integration issues
  • High data volume growth

Three In One Samsung USB Cable | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

Three In One USB CableThis Samsung USB cable allows you to charge up to three devices at once! For $40.00 you can acquire this USB charger, but Samsung has yet to announce it’s ship date so you will have to pre-order the device.  You will receive a 2 amp charger along which provides 2 amps of power for one charger. So if you carry multiple devices that can be charged with a USB cable this is a great purchase for you!

Facebook offers up cash for every bug found! | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

Facebook LogoFacebook bought the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset in March for $2 Million, and then spent even more time and money developing the system…only to discover that it is full of flaws.  In an effort to expedite the process of quality control, they have put out an offer, to anyone who can identify additional flaws in the programming, of $500 per bug!  They cost less than $1000 on Amazon, so it might be well worth it to buy one, crack it and let Facebook send you a check!

Google to Fix Battery-Killing Bug in Chrome

Google announced that they will be fixing a long-ignored but in their Chrome browser that in known to eat batteries in laptops.

Chrome has a feature that reduced idle time in Windows when it was running. This made the popular browser seem faster, or peppier, than the competitors, but the cost of this was increased demand on system resources. And if you are using a laptop on battery, you are likely to see your battery life shortened because of it.

This has been known for years, with occasional blogs popping up since at least 2010, But recently a blog by Ian Morris, a contributor to Forbes, brought this back to the public’s attention:

Google to add encryption to their page rank requirements

google logoTo “promote better online security practices” Google has announced that they will begin to consider encryption as a factor in their page ranking system.  For most small businesses, enabling TLS is easy and straight-forward, but for large systems with multiple servers and services this can be a real challenge. I would recommend using professional web developers, database administrators and network administrators to make a plan and help move your company onto a more secure connection with your customers.  Give our sales team a call and see how we can help you accomplish this and all of you IT goals.