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Can’t Install AV on a Hyper-V Host or it Breaks Networking… Wow

Problem: Antivirus and Hyper-V (Why can’t I start my virtual machine?)
A little while ago our support team ran into some problems starting virtual machines after they install antivirus software in the management operating system.  The root cause of the problem is that a number of these programs monitor file access in a way that interferes with Hyper-V’s attempts to open virtual machine files.  If you see this problem – you have two options:

  1. Don’t install antivirus.  If you are running a server core configuration, or a full server configuration, and you have nothing running in the management operating system other than Hyper-V, and you do not have people logging in and browsing the web in the management partition, etc… Then you do not really need to have antivirus software installed as there is limited risk of a virus.
  2. Install antivirus and set up the following exclusions (most antivirus programs allow you to exclude specific directories, files and processes from scanning to help deal with issues such as these):
  •         Default virtual machine configuration directory (Normally this is C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsHyper-V)
  •         Custom virtual machine configuration directories
  •         Default virtual hard disk directory (Normally this is C:UsersPublicDocumentsHyper-VVirtual Hard Disks)
  •         Custom virtual hard disk directories
  •         Snapshot directories
  •         Vmms.exe
  •         Vmwp.exe


Hotmail no more

We here at bva have learned that today is the day, Hotmail has officially moved out and Outlook has taken up permenant residency for all you Hotmail account users out there.

Don’t worry, nothing will change to your e-mail address itself, you will still send and recieve messages with your existing name. However that is about the only thing staying the same.

Along with the visual changes you’d get stated that there are two new features that started today. One is the ability to use Microsoft’s cloud storage solution, which I love! It’s much easier to save an attachment to the cloud instead of a hard drive. The other new feature is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which is a device for recieving e-mails.


Has Faxing become Extinct?

Here at BVA 90% of what I see coming into the office is advertisment. I was reading an article today about the upward momentum using fax machines have been getting lately. There are a couple of things that I either didn’t realize or I didn’t think about when it comes to using faxes.

For one thing it’s somewhat safer comparing it to e-mailing. There are more options now with faxing since when it came out over two decades ago. Companies can do cloud-based faxing, fax servers, and on-premise fax options. With on or off premise along with hyrid options the sky is the limit.

According to Davidson Consulting they state that FoIP market will groww possibly 10% in the next 4 years. So the next time you look at your fax machine collecting dust think about the possibilities.