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Google Glass

We here at BVA hear rumors about new wearable technology and taking it to the next level, Google Glass is one such item that we can’t wait to see for ourselves. Smartphones move over because it’s not about doing things from the palm of your hands anymore, soon all we will need is a pair of glasses and a voice command.ย  Visit this page to read all about the best parts of what Google Glass has to offer.

ThinkPad T431

BVA just caught sight of Lenovo’s new ThinkPad T431, and it seems quite impressive. This updated model has gotten a complete makeover from the new color to it’s improved graphic performance.The company took almost a year of research alone to create this new laptop and it looks like it paid off well. Click here to read the changes they made and how they got there.

Polaris Office for Android

Are you one of the many people (andย most of us bva employees)ย with an Android phone out there and you are looking for the perfect office app for your phone? Well, you may not have to look any further with Polaris Office 4.0 up for grabs. An editor over at PC Mag did a great review of it that I think sums it up quite well! Click here to read all about it’s many pros and few cons.

Microsoft Office 2013 SkyDrive

BVA emplyees see the perks of Microsoft Office 2013 but one awesome new feature we noticed was SkyDrive. With this you can share documents from anywhere with the cloud storage and even allows them to edit at the same time you are accessing the file. If you’re more of a visualy person and want to see what this feature is all about, check out this article. It gives you step-by-step idea as to what it all offers.

Kyocera Torque

Are you looking for a 4G smart phone that is a durable enough to take a little beating every now and then? If so the Kyocera Torque may be the phone you have been looking for. It caught our eye here at BVA, so I did a little digging and this is what I came up with.

The Torque offers Android 4.0 and comes equiped with a impact resistant 4-inch LCD screen.

One downsize to the phone that is see is its 1.5 megapixel front camera and a 5.0 megapixel rear camera. For me, I have replaced my camera with my cell phone for it wouldn’t suit my needs, however that’s just a personal preference.

With that being said one awesome feature is it’s bragging rights in the battery life area. It hold a 19 hour battery lifespan which is pretty impressive when it comes to smartphones. It even has an Eco function where it will shut down certain features, like vibrating alerts when the power comes close to empty.

Considering the features it plays up like the battery life, the durability, and the speakers I can see who they are trying to target this phone to. It does not have the latest and greatest software but it sure has some awesome perks for people who want a smart phone but they don’t want to have to have to worry about breaking it every time they take it out of their pocket.

It will be available this spring through Sprint and will be $100 after a $50 mail-in rebate after signing up for a 2 year plan.


Sony’s Newest Smartphones

BVA has caught sight of Sony’s latest smartphones that will hit the market sometime in the second quarter, and they shouldn’t disappoint. ย The Xperia SP and Xperia L are Sony’s affordable alternatives to their other phones currently available to purchase.

While these two devices do not come with touchless operation or eye tracking they do come with a design feature that is called “transparent element” which is a light near the bottom of the phone that lights up different colors for each alert (phone call, text, email, ect.). Another great addition is the HDR video that the L phone can take. Both phones also can sync with Sony’s Bravia line of television which gives it an added perk.

Sony has not stated the price for these phones but time will tell just how afforadable they will be.

iOS or Android?

The Android vs iOS battle is like this generations Coke vs Pepsi. With so many options along with people’s brand loyalty it is a battle that may never have a winner, even here with our employees at BVA. I started off with Android a few years back and loved it. Then I went ahead and got a iPhone because my husband had a MacBook and I was getting one in the near future as well. I hated it so much I tried to return it but now I don’t see going back.

There is an article that caught my eye though about Androids best selling points and it got me thinking about how they have really stepped up their game. Not only does it give customers more features and options it is also on the more affordable side of things. To read more about what Android has brought to the table click here.

Galaxy S4

Are you thinking about upgrading to Samsung Galaxy’s S4? Or maybe just you’ve seen all the commercials and want to know what the hype is all about. Either way I found a great article that will fill you in on theย newest Samsung phone. After reading this article I am very curious about the camera fuctions this phone has. From deleting photobombers to making your own “cinemagraph” it’s right up my alley!