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Worst Gadgets of 2012

We here at BVA have worked really hard throughout the year like all of you and every once in a while we need a good laugh. This article  is a perfect example of people who may have a little too much time on their hands. So if you’ve done all of your year-end work and you need a good time killer, scroll through the Huffington Post’s 2012 list of the most unneccesary gadgets and pick your favorite! Personally I am trying to figure out which is funnier, Mr.Marinator or the Sun Visor Video player…see for yourself.

Google Has Axed Postini

bva found out today that the rumors are true which we have know for some time.  Google will retire Postini, migrate features to Google Apps for all their 26 million users.  Google has built the e-mail security and archiving features into two Google Apps products, which it will transition to customers next year.  This will be an interesting transition and move over to a new platform.

The Web announced the transition today, saying that it has spent the last year building Postini’s features into Google Apps for Business, a professional suite, and Google Apps Vault, an e-mail archiving and discovery service.
“With this transition to Google Apps, you can receive similar email security, protection, and archiving, but through the more robust Google Apps service,” Google said in a company blog post. “Google Apps also works with mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, so you don’t need to switch to Gmail.”

How customer services will transition:

Customers receiving information about the transition process at least 60 days before their migration is scheduled to begin. Customers who do not wish to transition to Google Apps will see their Postini service terminated at the end of their contract.

The service currently has about 26 million users. Google acquired Postini for $625 million in 2007.

Jolla Sailfish, will it grab smartphone user’s attention?

Bva likes to keep our pulse on what is new and coming out and recently we got visibility into Jolla. Every company begins with a vision and Jolla is no different. This China company is taking their turn at giving customers another option with its own operating software, Sailfish. With Google and Apple as Jolla’s main competitors could it stand a chance at persuading those loyal customers to give them a shot? Microsoft has tried for a couple of years now but still does not compete with the two smartphone giants. Could Jolla’s Sailfish be different enough to grab the attention of phone enthusiasts or will it sink into the shadows like the other companies who have tried to compete?