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iPhone 5 Has Some Issues

The new Apple iPhone5 does not really meet expectations from an technical perspective.  I suppose we have high expectations of what Apple puts out but there are some issues with the new phone.  It is still a very impressive unit that is fast with an impressive interface.  Some of the issues that we see from our user community is a Purple Haze with photos that are taken with the new iPhone5.

It’s a similar problem that,was seen in iPhone 4S photos but was few and far between.¬† We would not see it that often and for the most part was not that present in that older model.¬† Another issue is battery life in some of the units.¬† There are some users that have no issues with the battery life but there are others that are experiencing¬† 9 hours of life with limited talk time and limited application running on the IOS.¬† This is a common issue documented in the web which I would assume is a hardware issue. With some users that are complaining that their battery life was good at first but over time it is getting worse and not holding a charge properly.¬† More to come….

We are also seeing that this unit scratches a lot easier.¬† I feel that Apple prides itself on making products that aren’t just functional but beautiful as well and have a good track record of this but I can see that they missed the mark here. Users are reporting that after having their iPhone 5s for a short time, the sheen on the sleek, aluminum phone is getting scratched up very easily.¬† There is another issue that we are seeing related to weird screen bubbles that surface when using the unit.¬† It does not happen that often but with certain screen backgrounds there are small bubbles that appear when your finger is touching the screen.¬† As displayed in this¬†video on youtube:!