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RIM/Blackberry Down – Switch Fails – Data Traffic Stifled

RIM has really created a monster today.  RIM global outage caused by core switch failure and the fix under way.  Also the backup system also didn’t work, RIM explains in detail in many press releases.  BlackBerry service delays experienced by users around the world on Tuesday were caused by a core switch failure within the infrastructure of Research in Motion (RIM), the company said late Tuesday.  A RIM spokesman said service was beginning to be restored to normal around 2 p.m. ET, although there would be further delays as backlogs in data are cleared. It was the second outage or “delay,” as RIM put it, in two days affecting users in numerous countries.  RIM’s system is designed to failover to a back-up switch, but the failover system “did not function as previously tested,” according to a statement issued by RIM at 5 p.m. ET.  When the failover did not function, a backlog of data was generated. The company is working to clear that backlog but have not given a date or time when all items will be resolved.  There should be automatic ways in which the system recovers from this type of event. Any vendor who runs this type of mission critical service must constantly be reviewing disaster recovery solutions.

The latest problems occurred in two phases, with a 12-hour outage Monday morning affecting some BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, according to RIM. That problem was fixed, the company said, without explaining the cause.  Then at about 10 a.m. ET Tuesday, wireless carriers in the U.K. and Egypt reported outages that continued for hours.  RIM said an hour later that the delays affected some customers in South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India, but didn’t immediately offer an update about the underlying problem.
Tweets and other reports blamed a server outage in Slough, U.K., where RIM operates a data center, but the company would not comment on those reports. The Slough data center would serve much of Europe and the Middle East, analysts said. RIM also run a data center near its headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario.  But a data center outage in the U.K. or Canada probably wouldn’t explain service problems in South American countries, such as Brazil, Chile and Argentina, analysts noted.  RIM doesn’t usually explain the cause of its outages and disruptions. In the past, those outages have lasted one or two days and only in a certain region of a country or a portion of a continent, not over several continents as happened Monday and Tuesday.  In March 2010, there was an outage in both North America and the U.K. on Wi-Fi-ready BlackBerry devices that were not connected to Wi-Fi. A more severe December 2009 outage in North America was related to a BlackBerry Messenger update.

Kaspersky Releases Enterprise Security Suite

The new Kaspersky Enterprise Security Suite is built in a means that detects more complex threats out there on the web. Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab, discussed the latest threat landscape at its Cyber-Security Symposium in New York City Oct. 6. At the symposium, Kaspersky Lab also launched the Windows version of the company’s Endpoint Security 8 software suite.  Kaspersky warned that the future is looking very grim for security on the web. He cited three types of attackers: hacktivists for cyber-protests, cyber-criminals motivated by financial gain and cyber-combatants focused on cyber-warfare, Kaspersky said. Every business and user is under attack and the global economy and every country is at risk, he said.  “I don’t see clear blue skies ahead,” Kaspersky said, adding that he expects to see even more sophisticated types of attacks.  Cyber-criminals are highly organized, effective and globally distributed. Their tools of the trade, such as botnets, are readily available for rent, with actual terms of service and conditions to follow, just like any legitimate business. There is a lot of profit and low risk in cyber-crime. As more people around the world go online for the first time, the pool of potential victims also grows, Kaspersky noted.

Computers are everywhere and control so many aspects of people’s lives that a focused cyber-attack can impact more than just the system itself. Kaspersky mentioned recent tragedies, such as the Spanair flight 5022 crash in 2008, in which malware played a role. He noted how the Blaster worm infected several computers in key data centers used by utility companies and may have had some impact on the severity of the blackout that blanketed the East Coast in 2003.  In all of these incidents, malware was “not the reason it happened, but it could not have happened without malware,” Kaspersky said.  Kaspersky discussed the prospect of cyber-warfare, noting that governments are all investing in cyber-weapons and creating elite cyber-divisions. He said China, South and North Korea, and the United States have some kind of a military role in cyber-space, and emphasized this is not a complete list.  “There must be new designs, new innovations in IT and OS development. Systems that are more secure must be used in critical infrastructure,” Kaspersky said.

The IT industry needs to work together to improve cyber-defenses, such as securing the critical infrastructure, international cooperation, and increased regulation and standards to raise the security posture. Kaspersky called the new breed of security products advanced protection technologies.  Kaspersky Lab introduced Endpoint Security 8, which targets firms that need to secure their cloud computing, virtualization and mobile infrastructures. For the first time, Kaspersky Lab has integrated its enterprise version with the Kaspersky Security Network, the cloud-based reputation database with information on the latest malware threats. The consumer versions are already using the cloud service.  The new product protects networks with deep anti-malware protection and comprehensive management and control systems. Administrators can also take advantage of white-listing capabilities to set policies for specific applications or categories of applications. The “System Watcher” feature tracks the computer’s behavior for anomalies and resets the system back to the point just before the anomalies occurred.  Endpoint 8 also runs the improved signature and pattern-based antivirus engine to detect malware even if the code has changed slightly. It offers Web filtering, device control, intelligent personal firewall and intrusion detection.  Endpoint 8 also offers management options to protect virtual machines, with support for VMware-based systems. Administrators can remotely monitor and manage the network via a Web console and generate detailed reports.

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Adobe Solution for Apple iPad

Adobe Systems has finally announced a new version of its digital publishing suite for individuals, the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.  This enables freelance designers and small design firms to publish interactive content created with Adobe InDesign CS5.5 software on the Apple iPad.  For $395 per application, Adobe’s Single Edition provides an affordable and flexible end-to-end workflow for designers to publish a single-issue application for sale or distribution through the Apple App Store.  A single edition allows users to publish single-issue content such as a brochure, highly-visual book, annual report or personal design portfolio as an application for the iPad. As an extension of the Digital Publishing Suite line, Single Edition enables users to leverage Creative Suite 5.5 workflows to create an application for the iPad. This gives freelance designers access to many of the same creative and publishing technologies that leading publishers, such as Condé Nast, have used to reinvent their publications for delivery on tablet devices.  The Digital Publishing Suite family which now includes Single Edition is used to publish content beyond traditional magazines and newspapers. With more than 700 titles published with the Enterprise and Professional Editions of Digital Publishing Suite currently in market, organizations are quickly seeing the value of content on tablet devices and are expanding the range of published materials.

Sales tools, brand and customer engagement materials, merchandising deliverables, employee communications and corporate collateral published to tablets drives greater business value for organizations and opens new revenue opportunities. Combined with the power of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 software, Digital Publishing Suite lets designers work with a familiar toolset while maintaining complete control over the design, publishing and monetization of tablet apps.

“Working with Adobe InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite allowed us to turn our print catalog into a rich, interactive digital magazine without disrupting our existing workflow,” said Gary Higginbotham, director of marketing at Alan Mascord Design Associates, a Portland, Oregon-based residential design firm, in a statement. “With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, it’s even simpler for a small business to reach out to customers in exciting, affordable ways.”

Google’s Android Phone OS Has 43.7% Of US Marketshare

Google’s Android platform has climbed to 43.7 percent market share in the U.S., with Apple iOS notching up a few ticks to 27.3 percent. It gained almost 2 percentage points from comScore’s last count of 41.8 percent in July. Verizon Wireless meanwhile is expected to begin selling the Samsung Nexus Prime Android 2.4 handset and Google introduces it next week at CTIA in San Diego.

Apple’s iOS share rose modestly to 27.3 percent from 27 percent in July and 26.6 percent in June.  The iPhone should see  a much bigger boost through November and December after Apple launches the iPhone 4S Oct. 14.  The new iPhone features a faster A5 processor, 8 megapixel camera, iOS 5 and iCloud integration, as well as the Siri virtual assistant application.

AVG Updated – Problems

I’ve found a number of sites where AVG hasn’t updated defs since 10/6.  This is apparently a known issue (see text from forum post below).  Please be informed that there has been a technical issue with publishing of new updates, which is our technology and development departments recovering back to working state (and avoid the situation in future). Updates for AVG 2012 has been recovered yesterday in the evening (CEST). Next will be AVG 2011, then AVG 9.0 and AVG 8.5.

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Hopefully they’ll get caught up soon.