Monthly Archives : March 2011

Firefox 4 tops 7 million downloads

Mozilla’s newly released Firefox 4 hit 5 million downloads its first day, and has already topped 7 million.ย  That’s way ahead of Microsoft’s recent rollout of IE9.ย  Microsoft may have shot themselves in the foot by not supporting Windows XP with IE9, thus limiting potential users.ย  Firefoxย and the soon-to-be-released Google Chrome 11 continue to support Windows XP.

Download Firefox 4 here

AT&T cracks down on iPhone tethering

AT&T has begun to crack down on iPhone users who use apps like MyWi to tether their device to make a WiFi hotspot for other devices, like a laptop or tablet.

AT&T has notified some select users suspected of using unofficial tethering methods without paying for the service, that they will be automatically enrolled in a higher data package.

More info can be found here

Fake Antivirus removal tool

Trend Micro has released a tool designed to target & help remove fake antivirus threats.ย  You can download the tool here

Some of the threats it detects are:

Alpha Antivirus
Antivirus 2010
Antivirus Action
Antivirus Pro 2010
Antivirus Soft
Antivirus Software Alert
Antivirus Studio 2010 ?
Antivirus System Pro
AV Security Suite ?
Control Center
Cyber Security
Internet Security Suite ?
Microsoft Security Essentials
My Security Shield ?
Personal Antivirus (pav.exe)
Quick Defragmenter ?
Security Center
Security Tool ?
Smart Engine
System Defender ?
System Security
System Tool ?
Trust Warrior
Windows Security Alert ?
XP Antispyware
XP Antivirus

Is Apple throttling web apps?

Tests indicate that iOS uses multiple techniques to hamper performance of web apps launched from the home screen of an iPhone or iPad.ย  Web apps launched directly from the Safari browser run about twice as fast as when launched from the home screen.ย  Is Apple trying to force users to use the App Store, so they get their cut, by making web apps appear to perform poorly?

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Happy birthday, computer viruses!

Creeper, the world’s first computer virus, was created in 1971.ย  Twenty years later, there were still only about 1300 viruses around the ‘net.ย  Today, forty years after Creeper, there are over 200 million virus varians “in the wild”.ย  What start out as proof of concept for how computers communicate has evolved into a complex “prank”, and now into the toolkit of the cybercriminal.

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